So you've seen us online and like what you hear...

But now you're wondering:

How can they help me more?
I’m ready to get started, I just need more guidance, accountability, and a plan

Those are great questions :)

Here is a little bit on us, then you can decide if we're a good fit, sound good?

Our approach to plant-based eating

Be warned, we aren't your typical WFPBD doctor type experts.

We're a couple who has been eating this way for 9 years, and now we've helped thousands of others do the same.

One of our biggest passions is seasonal produce - because what's most freshly harvested is what has the most nutrients, and if you aren’t plant-based already you probably have some nutritional deficiency.

However, what makes us unique is our love for green juice, green smoothies, raw foods, food combining techniques & being gluten-free.

If all of that sounds advanced - don't worry - just know there's a lot to work on when it comes to health, and it’s safe to say that we’ll always be working on improving our own health too :)

What we're not into

Counting calories & macros... in our opinion this method is too limited. The amount & type of food you eat should change daily & seasonally, eventually eating exactly what your body needs.

The one-size fits all approach... this is the problem with diets. Some doctor, dietitian or 'health expert' writes a book about how they've stumbled onto the PERFECT diet. But that's what works for THEM, so don't feel bad when you try their xyz approach only to discover it wasn't right for you. We love customizing for our client's individual needs.

Health doesn't have to be complicated. We all know the importance of eating more plants - no one ever disagrees with that.

But sticking with a plant-based diet long-term is the only way to gain great health benefits.

Where we really shine

One goal our clients most often achieve with us is weight loss. Eating MORE whole plant foods, and LESS processed/refined foods with oil, sugar, etc - and doing it consistently - is what it takes. Yes of course exercise is important too, which we love, but diet is what makes the biggest impact based on our observations.

Here are the top results our coaching clients experience:

-Weight loss (our clients usually lose up to 10 pounds a month)

-More energy (to the point where they literally don't need coffee anymore)

-Better digestion (regular bowel movements, less stomach pain)

-Healthy skin (your epidermis is often the last thing to improve so you must be patient, but our clients have cleared up psoriasis, acne, rashes, and added glow to their skin :)

Why invest in a coach?

We know it’s scary investing in yourself but we also know it’s scarier to have a health crisis arise. Spending time in the hospital is not only scary for you but those around you, plus it’s very expensive and doesn't actually solve the underlying problem.

If you struggle with your health, and have a hard time being consistent - or knowing what to eat & when, then hiring a health coach could be the smartest move you make.

It could mean the difference between feeling your best in 6 months or 6 years. Or worse, never getting back into a healthy balance again.

Not only will you benefit from losing the weight and getting healthy for good, but so will those around you. You’ll be a happier person to be around, and you’ll be able to set a good example for others (trust us... others will be watching you for inspiration!)

When it comes to our own health, we've learned to make it a priority, and by investing in ourselves we've been able to not only feel & look amazing, but also accomplish & appreciate so much more in life.

In the end, we're all aging. But making radical improvements to your health today means you'll not only feel your best sooner in life, but you could also end up living 20-30 years longer, which means more time to enjoy the moment and gain more from this beautiful world. We have this saying "120 Life", we want everyone in our community to live a long and healthy life :)

What else you should know

We're big on mindset
This makes us more woo-woo than other health coaches & experts out there, but we believe our thoughts create our reality. As you've probably witnessed, there's a lot of obstacles & resistance that comes up when trying to be more healthy.

One of the most powerful transitions we’ve made was going from a Complacent Mindset to a Wellness Mindset. #LifeChanger

Here are some examples of both 👇

A Wellness Mindset

✨ I'm worth it
✨ I'll find the time
✨ I’ll find a way
✨ Something is better than nothing
✨ Everyday I'm making progress
✨ Nothing will stand in my way
✨ I'll prioritize my money for my health
✨ I'm able to figure this out
✨ I’m smart enough to achieve this

A Complacent Mindset

🤐 I’ve tried everything
🤐 I don't have time
🤐 I'll do it once things slow down
🤐 I'll eat healthier when I'm not as busy
🤐 I can't afford it
🤐 I can't figure this out
🤐 I'm fine
🤐 I don't eat that unhealthy

We're non-judgmental
We all start somewhere. We haven’t always been this healthy. So if your health isn’t where you want it to be, don’t feel ashamed or embarrassed. We know that your health isn't a reflection of the real you, so we treat others with compassion & respect - just as we appreciate in return.

Going along with that, we want to hear your WHOLE truth. We ask that our clients be 100% honest with us, that way we can help you get the very best results. And, our clients do get the very best results!


“I needed to start taking charge of my health, and I thought having someone help me focus on this would be what I needed. I feel like I found you guys just at the right time in my life! I had let things go, and once I decided that I needed to work on my health very seriously, you and Peter and the Seasonal Diet showed up in my life." Much Better Now "It would be a lot harder for me to deal with this on my own! My favorite part was knowing I could check in with you every week and knowing I wasn't alone. I did lose weight - slowly, at first, but now it's up to 20 lbs. The amount of vegetables I eat every day has increased a lot too! I was surprised how easy it was to cut dairy out of my diet - I thought that it would be harder than it was. Also surprised at how making gradual changes each week could amount to a significant transformation in my attitude and approach to my health.” ~Jericho B.

“Since starting with Sarah and Peter, I have lost over 40 pounds. I have dropped 4 sizes and I feel better than I ever felt in years. I used to suffer from chronic kidney stones and haven't had an episode in over a year. After doing the Plant-Based Together program with my husband and transitioning to plant-based eating, my husband's cholesterol dropped 30 points! I am not sharing this to be another before and after story, I'm sharing this because I am a regular person that found something wonderful that worked for her and I needed to share it with all of you. If you are on the fence and not sure about investing in yourself and your health, I say do it.” ~Gigi B.

We believe in trusting your intuition
Just because we're all humans doesn't mean we're the same. The perfect diet & daily exercise is different for both of us, as it will be for you too. One of the biggest advantages of learning to listen to your body is you can begin to understand the root cause of cravings, emotional eating, etc. - and that's also what makes our approach so easy to maintain. You'll be feeling so good in your body that you won't want a cheat day, it won't seem worth it!

There you have it, in a big nutshell that's us.

If you still think we'd be a good fit, then we'd love to hear more about you!


A good fit for you if…

 You need help getting organized and creating routines

 You want to work on your digestion and achieving glowing make-up free skin

 You love the spiritual side and would like to dive into manifesting your dream life

 You need this to feel fun and non-restrictive. You have 10-70 pounds you need help releasing.

 You would like to learn more about optimizing your digestion for easy weight loss

 You love to cook but need some new healthy recipes

 You’re self-motivated but would love the accountability and a simple plan to follow

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A good fit for you if you…

 Understand the connection between food & health, but want to make sure you’re getting enough protein & nutrients

 Are feeling overworked & stressed, and want more energy for the important things

 Want to prevent/reverse disease so you can live longer and be there to support & enjoy time with family

 Need to get back into working out and sticking to a regular schedule

 You’re busy and need to find easy & filling meals to take to work & make for dinner

 Want to lose 15-40 pounds in a way that doesn’t involve intense workouts & calorie restriction

 You’re driven to reclaim your health right now, not ‘at some point’ in the future

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