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Have you ever said, “I wish I could go out to a restaurant and just order something off of the menu, instead of having to make all of these annoying requests”? Or maybe you just wish you could order something organic and clean?! If so, your not alone. Peter and I say that a lot when we’re too tired to cook… yes, even we get tired of cooking:)

But the truth of the matter is, if you really care about ingredients, organic, your health… it’s still pretty hard to eat healthy when eating at restaurants.

Let’s imagine how great it would be if organic was the new standard for restaurants, and they went out of their way to support local farmers! It would be pretty amazing and I guarantee we would see a lot of our society’s health problems disappear. However, we’re not there yet – BUT the best way to move in that direction is to realize the importance of those things.



Buy organic
Eat with the seasons
Shop at the farmers market
Join a CSA
Be conscious about your food choices


Do you know that? Probably… but do you practice those things? Maybe… Maybe not? If not, you’re going to like The Seasonal Diet! And lets face it, if you do practice those you’ll still like The Seasonal Diet.

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The Seasonal Diet (SD) is our new product and it’s what will be replacing the Seasonal Recipe Subscription (SRS). We created the SRS over a year ago and have spent hundreds of hours on it. We wanted to help those who wanted help changing their diet and fitting-in more seasonal produce. We wanted to create a community of others who wanted to get healthy and change the standards of our food. But the SRS fell short, it was at times overwhelming with all the new recipes, it was not very comprehensive, no starting point and the recipes were only available on the site for 2 weeks. In the past 4 years working for ourselves we’ve learned when something isn’t working, stop doing it! (and the sooner the better) So we’re putting to rest the SRS this Friday, and launching something WAY BETTER… The Seasonal Diet!


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The SD is over 200 pages of content and resources! It shares our journey to health, how we currently eat and how we made that transition. It provides insight on how you can eat with the seasons, shop at the farmers markets, join a CSA, and be more conscious about your food choices.

It includes: a 30 day meal plan, over 175 all-season recipes (plant-based & gluten-free),  a new to you ingredient section, a cooking equipment section and more surprises once you join. It’s a one time/lifetime membership priced at $132. With that you also get 10 new recipes with each new season, Seasonal Challenges with a chance to win over $500 in cooking products, equipment and gift cards. It’s a seasonal plan to keep you on-track and eating with the season’s as it should be.


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Pretty much we’ve put together a massive resource that covers all of the questions we’ve been getting over the last 2 years as well as our own personal journey and what worked for us. We had help from these Guys so it looks beautiful and is easy to navigate.




How It Works:

The Seasonal Diet is a Lifetime Membership, you get the PDF as soon as you sign up and can download it, keep it on our site or print it. You will also get Tastemaker emails every week, Seasonal Recipe Bundles (10 new recipes with every season) as well as The Seasonal Challenges, and access to the private Tastemaker Community.

We are so excited for this! We truly believe that The Seasonal Diet is a ‘no lose’ approach to eating. It’s eating in a way that’s natural, simple and flows with ease. Living in harmony with earth’s ever-changing seasons, achieving great health and sustaining it with ease, grace and enthusiasm.


How Can You Get It?!

Join right HERE right NOW and welcome to your new community:)!


We can’t wait for you to get your hands on a copy… lot’s of juicy content and recipes waiting for you


    3 replies to "Why You Should Get The Seasonal Diet"

    • Olivia Lane

      SO AWESOME!!!! Congratulations to creating this awesome new product!

      • Sarah

        Thanks Olivia!! We are really excited about it! 2 more days:)

    • laurel

      The book looks gorgeous! Can’t wait to see it!

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