“I started working with Sarah because I was feeling tired, overweight and frustrated with my health.The most exciting moment was getting on the scale and seeing a difference! I lost 10 pounds (maybe more - haven't been on the scale this month;-) and I have more energy. I didn't expect to work on my own blocks and boundaries. It was the hardest part, but also the most useful in sustaining a healthy lifestyle. If you're thinking about working with Sarah, it's worth it, however, you must be ready to work and open to plant-based living.” ~Karina C.

“I needed to start taking charge of my health, and I thought having someone help me focus on this would be what I needed. I feel like I found you guys just at the right time in my life! I had let things go, and once I decided that I needed to work on my health very seriously, you and Peter and the Seasonal Diet showed up in my life." Much Better Now "It would be a lot harder for me to deal with this on my own! My favorite part was knowing I could check in with you every week and knowing I wasn't alone. I did lose weight - slowly, at first, but now it's up to 20 lbs. The amount of vegetables I eat every day has increased a lot too! I was surprised how easy it was to cut dairy out of my diet - I thought that it would be harder than it was. Also surprised at how making gradual changes each week could amount to a significant transformation in my attitude and approach to my health.” ~Jericho B.

"Since working with you I've noticed better skin, weight loss, feeling so energized, more oxygen in blood (I can feel it!), my whole body feels "wow!", also less knee pain."

- Claudia Goedde

"You made it so easy and painless!! No more sugar cravings - haven't had coffee and don't miss it. I'm also sleeping much better than before."

- Nita Belleville

"Two changes I noticed was waking up easier and feeling really refreshed and clear. The other one was my skin seemed to be less dry and healthier. At the end I totally felt clear."

- Emily Yarush

“Thanks for genuinely caring and being such a great coach, I'm having a lot of fun taking my health seriously.” ~Savannah D.

“You do not have a one size fits all program. To be honest, I expected you to tell me more "what not to do," such as don't eat meat, don't eat gluten, don't eat cheese, don't drink alcohol, etc. But you are so open to lifestyles different than your own, and you emphasize personal balance. I was so refreshed to learn that! Also, you were prepared for each meeting, despite my late submissions of each pre-call form, and you adjusted your education to meet my daily needs. On a personal note, I didn't expect to enjoy salads. But I do! Once I saw and felt the benefits, and the ease of preparation, I became a salad convert. Would I recommend working with Sarah? YES! ASAP! She is phenomenal, and you will love her!” ~Christina T.

“I now juice consistently, make WAY better choices in regards to my diet, have lost a considerable amount of weight, have tons of resources to utilize, and I feel more amazing than ever! I’m still a work in progress but I’m so glad I took that first leap.” 

~Savannah D.

“Since starting with Sarah and Peter, I have lost over 40 pounds. I have dropped 4 sizes and I feel better than I ever felt in years. I used to suffer from chronic kidney stones and haven't had an episode in over a year. After doing the Plant-Based Together program with my husband and transitioning to plant-based eating, my husband's cholesterol dropped 30 points! I am not sharing this to be another before and after story, I'm sharing this because I am a regular person that found something wonderful that worked for her and I needed to share it with all of you. If you are on the fence and not sure about investing in yourself and your health, I say do it.” ~Gigi B.

“I don’t think anyone would have put me in the "healthy" category. I late a lot of kid breakfast bagels. Lol.

Since I felt so stressed out, I just kept putting off my health, thinking that this time was not as important as my workload, that I had to work harder to earn time to put myself first. I barely cooked anything.

Not surprising, I felt stressed and got sick all the time, from sinus infections to shingles, I finally had had enough. A friend convinced me to join a health-focused FB group. I remember thinking-- yeah I can drink more water but "plant-based" sounds complicated. And mushrooms are gross. 🙁

This changed when I started talking to Sarah. When we chatted, she always listened first-- wanting to really understand what was going on. So much of our conversations were about identifying the habits that were not helping me (mainly my mindset) and replacing the habits with more productive ones. Through celebrating successes and working through missteps, I began to finally realize that health should come first. I now get excited to see fresh vegetables, keep my blender on the counter and try my best to set aside time to prep for the week on Sunday mornings. Tonight, I went to the gym for the first time in 7 months. My body feels stronger, more able to tackle challenges. At my new school this year, teachers see my huge lunch bag and my roasted butternut squash salad with avocado, arugula--which I really love now too, and ask if I've always been a vegetarian. I'm not, but I know that eating so many plant-based foods has helped me to arrive at this healthy place.

I'm so glad that I am a mastermind member. Usually after I watch a training, I am drawn to the kitchen where I am inspired to open up the veggie draw and pull something  out--like beets! (Being an ELA teacher, my solution to most things is: buy more books but now I also ask myself, "Can I have more ginger, drink more water or eat more kale?"

Being part of the mastermind group is awesome because you feel surrounded by support--by people who try to build in healthy choices--which also inspires me.

I know that Sarah (and Peter) have changed the trajectory of my health--and my life. I am so grateful for all their support.

If you are thinking about working with Sarah and Peter, about taking a step forward for your health. I wish you luck and say, "You got this!"

~Sarah R.

"Before working with Sarah and Peter we had a very unhealthy lifestyle. Always stressed, eating a lot of fast foods and processed foods. We had a lot of health issues, and they were getting worse. We were both overweight and tired all the time, drinking coffee to get energy.

The single best part of working with Sarah and Peter was that we were both on the same page.  We both started shopping together and cooking together and enjoying each other's company.

You guys are so much fun to work with. You are very easy-going, and you made the transition easy for us. Both you and Peter helped us solve our problems and get through challenges.

We stopped eating meat and dairy. We both lost weight and had increased energy. My husband's cholesterol dropped without medication!" ~Gigi (and Jeff)

“I have not EVER felt this good in my entire life. I have energy I didn’t even have when I was an 18yr old!! I have rid myself of digestive issues, 12 prescription meds out of 14 GONE BABY!! ...This is the most important investment you can make for yourself, you cannot do ANYTHING successfully without your health, and even if you aren’t feeling as sick as I was, you won’t believe the changes, my skin looks 15 years younger than it did a year ago! If you would like to know more, please contact Sarah for a consultation, all you have to lose is everything holding you back! 

Loving my life plant based!!” ~Lisa Y. 

“It has been amazing working with you, Sarah. Your nonjudgmental approach and positive attitude are so great. I couldn't have gotten this far without your help and I'm excited to see what's in store for me in the future."

~Stacy B.

“I started working with Sarah because I was feeling tired, overweight and frustrated with my health.The most exciting moment was getting on the scale and seeing a difference!  I lost 10 pounds (maybe more - haven't been on the scale this month;-) and I have more energy.”

~Karina C.

“I haven't told you this yet, but I finally weighed myself and lost 19 lbs!”

~Savannah D.


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