Teeny Tiny Foodie

I have a little confession… I am kid obsessed! I feel like Peter and I are surrounded  by the cutest little kids. Don’t get any ideas, we are in no rush to have little ones of our own;)

I think it has to do with a lot of our friends having kids and we live right next to an elementary school:)

So today I would like to introduce you to Eliana – Cute kid:) and her mom Jory, the blogger behind Teeny Tiny Foodie!

I wanted to have Jory on the blog because she does such a good job of getting Eliana to try new foods, including veggies from their CSA Box.

And even if you don’t have kids, I am sure you have kids in your life, nieces, nephews, or maybe you nanny… It’s so important that we feed the little ones in our life healthy meals as they are still developing and need all the nutrients they can get!


Teeny Tiny Foodie

Meet Jory and Eliana

1). Your Food Secret: Eat colorfully.
2). Favorite thing to Eat: Watermelon. Followed closely by Margherita Pizza.
3). How often do you Cook: Every day.
4). Favorite Restaurant of all time: When I was a little girl my parents used to take my brother and me to a restaurant called Ramondo’s in Coral Gables, Fl .
5). Why is that your favorite Restaurant: what really made me love the restaurant was the head waiter, Renato. He used to make the Caesar salad table side and he always brought me up to help him. I loved feeling so grown-up and helping him create our salad.
6). Your ideal Food Day consists of: A day where I can cook and play with recipes all day long and the dishes magically clean themselves.
7). Someone you look up to: My grandma, Estelle.
8). Do you buy Organic? Local? Both. For produce I buy most of it from the farmers market and I recently rejoined a CSA. I struggle with the organic vs. local debate but I do believe that seasonal, local produce is best for the health of my family and the planet.
9). If we were to look in your kitchen, what would we be most impressed by? There are minimal amounts of packaged foods.
10). If we were to look in your kitchen, what would we be most surprised by? You’d be surprised to see my 2-year old daughter sitting on the floor eating. That’s where she likes to eat snacks and meals. I assume it is because she has been in the kitchen with me her whole life and it is a comfortable spot for her. It makes me clean the floors fairly often. ;)

Teeny Tiny Foodie
11). How often do you go Grocery Shopping? 2 or 3 times a week. I go to the farmers market on Sundays for produce, bread and eggs and then I do a big shop at the grocery store on Monday or Tuesday.
12). You’re short on time, what’s your Go-To Meal? Whole wheat pasta with whatever veggies we have and a “sauce” of olive oil, parmesan and spices.
13). When did you first Learn To Cook and from whom? I’ve taken a few classes, watch a lot of cooking shows and read cookbooks.
14). If you were to host a Dinner Party what would you make? Farro with seasonal veggies and an apple kale salad.
15). Green Juice or Green Smoothie? Smoothie simply because I have a great blender and hated cleaning a juicer.
16). Do you Exercise? Not as much as I’d like to. Mostly I push a stroller all over the place but I try to do yoga a few times a week.
17). Morning Person or Night Owl? Night owl but my daughter is trying to change that by waking up before the crack of dawn every day.
18). Vegetable you could eat every day? Kale
19). Coffee or Tea? TEA!! (I hate coffee and only drink it if I’m utterly desperate.)
20). What Tip would you give moms for getting toddlers to eat vegetables? Eat them yourself and let your toddler pick out a veggie at the farmers market or grocery store.

Teeny Tiny Foodie
21). Your daughter helps in the kitchen, any tips on getting kids involved in the kitchen? Give little kids jobs they can do easily like swish around vegetables in a bowl of water to wash them or tear greens into smaller pieces. Get them to counter height so they can see all the action.
22). Any kitchen equipment you recommend for parents? My daughter loves to use my OXO Salad Spinner and she’s always trying to take items out of the clean dishwasher and put them into her kitchen. Basically, if I can’t find one of my tools, it’s probably in her toy kitchen!
23). You were teaching cooking classes, are you still doing that? I’m an instructor at a cooking school in NYC and I just began offering private classes as well as menu planning.
24). And making baby food? I love to make purees. It’s fun for me to create different combinations of fruits, veggies and spices. It’s equally fun to figure out what to do with them since there are no babies in my home to eat them.
25). Where can our readers find more about you? TeenyTinyFoodie.com!

Thanks Jory and Eliana:)

Alright, now that we feel motivated to start feeding the little ones in our lives better, I want to hear from you!

Do you have any little ones in your life? How do you get them to eat healthy?


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