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5 Things Every Guy Should Know Before Going Plant-Based

It’s time to tap into your intuition and make a plant-based lifestyle work for you!

Are you tired of diets?

Worried you can’t commit or won’t be able to stick to a plan?

Do you wish you could eat and then have loads of energy?

Are you tired of feeling sick and second guessing everything?

If so, Intuitively Plant-Based is for you!

I’ve been eating plant-based for almost 9 years now and coaching others for the past 3.

People are very fascinated by my diet and my coaching style.

Because it's plant-based, but here's the kicker... It's not restrictive.

It's not extreme, and it's actually enjoyable.

...If what you're doing isn't enjoyable - it's not worth it.

...If what you're doing isn't helping you get healthy, short and long-term... It's not worth it.

Plants are healing.

Your body wants to heal.

You need to give it the right things in order for it to do that.

The plants you eat, and the order in which you eat them, matter.

Every day is a little different, and each of our bodies is unique.

I know how difficult it can be to change, especially with all of the noise (ie different people preaching different things).

That being said, if you’re intrigued by plants, and it feels like something you need to try, I’d love to guide you and show you exactly what plants can do for you.

Intuitively Plant-Based would be perfect for you if…

  • You’re unsure of how to make a plant-based diet work for you (this is my specialty!)
  • You’re craving a way of eating that makes you feel so damn good
  • You’re tired of ‘this diet’ and ‘that diet’ and all of the confusion that comes with it
  • You have a hard time slowing down, but secretly you’d love to be more relaxed
  • You’re tired of digestion issues & low energy
  • The thought of being more connected to your body makes you really happy

I love you, I do, but this would not be a good program for you if…

-You want to be told exactly what to eat
-You want science to back everything up... Science is limited, you and your intuition are limitless
-You’re unwilling to invest (time, money, and trust) in yourself

And, if you’re one to seek multiple opinions and take a long time before doing anything, this probably won’t be the best program for you. We have 8 weeks together and I plan on giving you my all, we have no time to waste :)

This is your health & your life we’re talking about!


So what the heck is this, Sarah?

Great question. This is an 8-week online 1:1 coaching program, where you will learn the basics of plant-based eating, what you need to focus on to get all of your nutrients, to feel full, and increase your energy.

Each week you will have new exercises to help you get in touch with your body, and intuitively know what it needs. These will be different for each client, but may include: Journaling, Meditation, Visualization, Curiosity Meals, Mindful Walking, or Joyful Shopping.

We’ll work through what’s happening in your life now, and what’s coming up, so you feel equipped to handle it.

By the end of the program you will…

  1. Know how to make plant-based meals and snacks that work for you
  2. Feel more in touch with your own body and be clear about what foods are best for you
  3. You’ll no longer be worried and obsessive about food, and instead be more loving and calm
  4. Have a routine you can fall back on that will allow you to save time each day
  5. Feel energized, and no longer bloated or weighed down in your body

Nitty Gritty Details

You will receive...

**(8) 45-minute video calls, via Zoom, with Sarah. These happen once every week

**Unlimited email and messenger support M-F

**Access to Sarah’s Mastermind & Courses during the 8-week program

**Recipes, supplements, and exercise recommendations each week following the calls

**PLUS... My love, patience, and support. I know investing in a coach is scary, but it’s nothing compared to living in an unhealthy body - I know, I’ve been there. I promise this can be fun and enjoyable. It will be work, but it will be worth it.

Give me 8 weeks and I’ll show you how a plant-based diet can work for you, how you can increase your energy, end your digestive pain, and finally start healing with the magical power of plants and your own intuition.


*Sarah currently charges $3,000 for her coaching packages. However, she felt called to offer this program at a discounted rate for the time being. Once the 5 spots are filled, that's it. Act fast, as they'll go soon.

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PAYMENT PLAN$1,160 Today, Then 8 Weekly Payments Of $125
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