sarahs birthdayHappy Friday!

This Friday I thought I would switch-up Foodemental Friday’s since it’s my birthday weekend! And, I’m in a fun mood:)

Today I’m sharing some of my favorite Birthday restaurants and some restaurants on my-must try list. At the end I’ll fill you in on how I’m spending my birthday this year!

Be sure to let us know what your all-time favorite foodie spots are in the comments.


Places We’ve Been

1. Chaco Canyon Cafe

Chaco Canyon Cafe is wonderful, and it’s located in Seattle, Washington. It took me a few trips to really appreciate all of it’s glory.

For Example: It’s all organic & vegan (in fact they were Washington’s first certified organic vegan restaurant), they always have raw, gluten-free and soy free options. They have new Seasonal Menus every month, including desserts:) They compost; they are a no waste (or very low) waste establishment – i.e. eco toilets, lights and even hand dryers.

Our Favorites: Chocolate Maca Smoothie, Granola, House Salad, House Kombucha, *Beet, Zucchini Sandwich: only saw this on the menu once, it almost killed peter it contained cashews and we didn’t know, but it’s my Favorite!!!! Chaco please bring it back… for my birthday at least:) 

2. Real Food Daily

Real Food Daily is located in Los Angeles. If you follow us on social media you know since moving to California I can’t shut up about this place:) Why do I love it so much… well just look at that cake!!  I think my obsession comes from the fact that they make food that I would create at home. The food is fresh & flavorful but doesn’t make me feel like I just ate at a restaurant; you know the feeling I am talking about? The owner Ann Gentry seems really down to earth and concerned for the health and well being of her customers and the planet… so we have a few things in common;) P.S they have a spot in LAX… which means Green Juice at the airport!!

Our Favorites: The Granola (do you see a theme), Chocolate Fudge Cake (pictured above), Three Amigos, Spicy BLT w/ millet bread. Make sure you pick up a bottle of Health-Ade kombucha while you’re there too!

3. M.A.K.E Santa Monica

Matthew Kenny’s Santa Monica restaurant is  a treat for sure! We went last year for my birthday and loved every second of it. It’s super fresh and a little fancy. What I love about M.A.K.E. is the food is sooo artistic, and the branding comes through on every plate. Art you can eat. I’m all about it!

Our Favorites: Tree Nut Cheese Plate & California Kale Salad… The almonds and coconut bacon are so delicious.

4. Portage Bay Cafe

Portage Bay is located in Seattle, Washington. Here is why we like them: local, organic, seasonal & The Topping Bar! It’s a breakfast/brunch spot for sure. They have a huge topping bar with organic berries, maple syrup, nuts and dried fruit – it’s amazing. We’ve been here a handful of times.

Our Favorites: Buckwheat Banana Pancakes, Potatoes… Topping Bar:)

5. Blossoming Lotus

Blossoming Lotus is located in Portland, Oregon. First, I have to say we love Portland… if only it had San Diego’s weather:) But seriously, Portland is so cool. The people, the environment and the FOOD:) Blossoming lotus is no exception.

Our Favorites: The Quesadilla &  the BBQ Whiskey Sandwich… and those waffles in the picture?! Haven’t had those but don’t they look delectable… matcha?

6. Prasad Cafe

Prasad is located in Portland too. This is one of those places that makes you want to do yoga, drink green juice and eat hippy bowls (rice, veggies and tahini) all the time… oh the simple life! This cafe gave us so much inspiration with their bowls and salads; simple, yet delicious. They also have a yoga studio attached. YUMMERS!

Our Favorites: Fiesta Tostada and the Chili Bowl.

Places we are Dying to check out

1). Gracias Madre

Gracias Madre is located in San Francisco and now Los Angeles!

Why we want to go: It’s an Organic, Vegan, Mexican Restaurant! For some reason that’s not a common thing!? It’s really hard to find Mexican restaurants that use organic produce and are vegan. Shoot, it’s just hard to find organic Mexican restaurants.  I think they should open up a location in San Diego… Bring on the chips and salsa.

2). Cinnaholic 

Cinnaholic is located in Berkeley, California.

Why we want to go: Flavor combinations! These Cinnamon rolls are not only vegan, but they’re very creative, this one is their Triple Chocolate! They also have flavors such as: Birthday Cake w/ cotton candy frosting, Key Lime Pie and Angel food Cake w/ graham crackers! They don’t mess around, new flavors every day!  I have to say though, they are totally not gluten-free…But I would eat one anyways… just once…. maybe twice:)

P.S if you’re reading this today, Friday May 9th, they are going to be on Shark Tank NBC 9-10pm… pretty cool:)

3. Beyond Sushi 

Beyond Sushi is located in New York, Union Square & Chelsea Market.

Why we want to go: Vegan Gourmet Sushi… how cool is that. We love making nori rolls with different seasonal vegetables, but to see how the professionals do it would be great. And look at those rolls, so colorful:)

4. The Stanford Inn By The Sea (SAVED THE BEST FOR LAST)

The Stanford Inn is located on The Mendocino Coast, about 5 hours from San Francisco.

Why we want to go: This is our idea of the perfect weekend getaway. The Stanford Inn is a wellness oasis, one look at the photos and it takes your breath away. It sits on the most beautiful land, plenty of trails to bike, hike and run. Amazing gardens, wellness center, yoga classes, pool and hot tub located in heated solarium. And their restaurant is completely vegan, seasonal and organic. Most of the produce comes from their garden! #heavenonearth 


Now, as much as I would like to tell you we are going to The Stanford Inn for my birthday this weekend… I am still pretty excited about our destination:)

Catalina Island

Catalina island is located off the coast of Southern California, about 22 miles southwest of Los Angeles.

I have been dying to get over to the island since moving to California, and we are finally making it happen.

To get to Catalina you have to take a boat, and where we are camping you have to hike in 7 miles to your camp site… Adventure awaits us:)

We are going to do some trail running and kayaking as well:) Still deciding what our meals are going to look like, similar to this, but even lighter as we have to carry everything on our backs! They do have lockers where they will have water and fire wood waiting for us… Bring on the S’mores!!!

Have you been to any of these places?

What places should we know about that are not on this list? Share in the comments below:)


    2 replies to "Foodemental Friday: Sarah’s Birthday"

    • Briana

      Hi Sarah! Happy birthday! Have so much fun camping on Catalina Island. I think you’ve lucked out with perfect birthday weekend weather. I was cleaning out some old boxes and found last August’s Food & Wine magazine–the “Vegetable” issue. Besides some amazing recipes they gave their “Restaurant Top 20.” All restaurants were vegetarian or vegan (although not specifically organic, I imagine a lot of these are). They mention M.A.K.E. and Gracias Madre. Other L.A. spots include Crossroads and Café Gratitude in Venice. In Seattle, Plum Bistro and Sutra–maybe you are familiar with those. Natural Selection and Canteen in Portland also look good!

    • Sarah

      Hey Briana!
      Thanks so much for the birthday love!

      Score on the magazine, those sound right up my alley:) I have been to Plum sooo good! Not Sutra but walked by a few times super cool/hip environment. And I forgot about Crossroads..I have heard good things. Never heard of the places in Portland but looking them up now, Portland has great restaurants!!

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