Sarah & Peter's Wedding Re-Cap

We finally did it! We Tied the knot.

I think people were starting to wonder if we were ever going to get married, and then everyone else already thought we were;)

But on October 25th 2014 we did!

I thought it would be fun to share some photos and the awesome people that helped make our day so special.

Here we go….

We had a small intimate wedding of 35-40 people, which was challenging since Peter has a large family, but it worked out perfectly in the end.


We had our Ceremony in San Diego, since we wanted a fall wedding and one that could be outdoors… not really an option in Seattle.

We had our ceremony and reception at The Water Conservation Garden (which is apparently a hidden gem!) in El Cajon.

It’s such a fun place!  Not only does it have that natural beauty thing going for it, but also has a lot of character and personality. We loved that it didn’t feel commercial, but more like you were in your granny’s backyard:)

I had 3 lovely ladies in my bridal party, my best friends Kerri & Nadina and my new sister (!!) Lisa.

I think I was one of the most carefree brides, and I think it may have made them crazy. But I let them pick out whatever dress they wanted, my only request was that it was long and a similar neutral color.

We got our hair done at Pure The Blow Out Bar  in Encinitas the morning of the wedding.

The girls at Pure did an awesome job and our hair held up great. I wish I could have Pure Blow Out do my hair everyday… kinda love the whole blow-out bar trend that’s going on!

I went make-up free, my bridesmaids put up a good fight, but in the end I won:)

Peter had 3 Handsome men on his side. His two brothers Eric & Stefan and his good friend Dustin. Peter was just as laid-back and had the guys wearing gray pants and white dress shirts.  He also was big on all the guys wearing flip flops so he bought them all matching pairs as a thank you gift.

We struggled to find vegan belts… so many men’s belts are made of leather! But luckily I had been flipping through this Vegan Fashion Guide via Vegan Cuts a lot lately, so I knew they existed and where to get them. Super helpful!

The Dress

I struggled to find a dress as I really couldn’t justify spending a lot of money on an article of clothing, and I wanted it to be vegan. So I looked for a dress I could wear again but it just didn’t seem right.

I wanted it to feel like I was getting married, so I finally settled on one that was on sale at David’s Bridal (not the coolest place, but I was super happy with the way it turned out).

I ended up adding a gray sash and attaching 2 flowers for a more Bohemian look. I paired the look with some gray boots, a shimmery headband, half veil, evil eye blue earrings, last minute pearl bracelet (it’s good luck, thanks Shelley) and some flash tattoos (got so many compliments on these!).



Let’s just say we were really feeling fall:)

We lined the isle with fake leafs, I wanted a bunch of leaves… like 100!  Luckily peter talked me out of that… can you imagine picking up all of those?! So we went with just a few leaves down the isle and two big pumpkins.

We made the center pieces by painting large and small cans rose gold and filling them with seasonal flowers. Next to those we placed small decorative pumpkins and candles.

I wanted everything very clean and natural so we went for white table clothes and green napkins.

It was simple but still really beautiful, Peter and I were very happy to see our vision come to life.

The Food

We had a completely Vegan, Gluten-Free, All Organic menu and it was AWESOME.

I think everyone was glowing after the meal;)

We struggled with finding a cater for a long time. Probably because we knew exactly what we wanted but couldn’t find anyone who would do it. That was until we met Mathew Purnell from Living On The Veg! He nailed our vision and made everything taste amazing.

We did buffet style, and it was a tex-mex theme which is a very popular cuisine  in San Diego.

We had a Taco bar with tradition fillings like beans (whole and re-fried), rice, grilled vegetables, roasted cauliflower, lettuce, tomatoes, cabbage. Persimmon salsa, cucumber salsa, guacamole, macadamia nut cheese and homemade hot sauce.

Then we had a seasonal salad and a Mexican pasta salad. We had raw crackers and tortilla chips, southwestern quinoa, corn muffins, roasted garlic and peppers. It was sooo tasty!

health ade kombucha

We had beer and wine (for everyone else, as we don’t drink), but we did buy a case of our favorite  kombucha:)

The Cake was made by Tony, the pastry chef at my all time favorite restaurant Real Food Daily (they are seriously the best) in Beverly Hills.

It was their classic chocolate fudge cake (Vegan & Gluten Free) with a pumpkin spice filling.

The filling was so good! Peter’s dad picked it up for us the day before the wedding (Thanks Paul!) and it still tasted amazing on Monday when we ate the remaining 2 pieces:)


Sarah peter wedding stacey

Photos were taken by our favorite photographers in the entire world Stacey and Ryan from FenneyBryant, even though they would rather take pictures of our food or our house, they were good sports and did an amazing job as always!


Dave Kemp Piano

Our good friend Dave Kemp of DTO Music played the piano (I die!). Dave is so multi-talented it’s really amazing. He also played some songs Peter and I put together via a Spotify playlist.

Peter and I loved having our friends and family down here for the wedding, we are feeling so loved and very grateful. Weddings are a lot of work… even the small ones!!

I now understand the whole honeymoon right after the wedding thing and am looking forward to our adventure down under:)

Did I miss anything? Leave a comment below and let me know!


    21 replies to "Sarah & Peter’s Wedding Re-Cap"

    • Tracy Childs

      Congratulations! All I can say is WOW! Everything looks amazing and fabulous. I’m proud of you to sticking to your vision – right down to the no makeup! Sarah, of course you were a glowing bride! Absolutely beautiful and natural. The dress is fabulous and I loved your personal touches.

      • sarah

        Tracy you are so sweet:) I think the dress turned out pretty well!

    • Karissa @ Vegan À La Mode

      Congratulations! Looks like a beautiful wedding and Sarah you look so gorgeous! That’s so awesome you guys found a caterer that would do an all vegan/gf/organic menu and wow all that food looks so incredible too!

      • sarah

        Thank’s Karissa! Yes Matthew did an amazing job, the food was so good!

    • Michelle Khalil

      Sarah and Peter – Thank you for including us in your special day – and in your album. We would not have missed this for the world. It was a beautiful wedding!
      Can’t wait to see the honeymoon pictures –
      Love, The Khalil’s

      • sarah

        We love you guys so much and wouldn’t have it any other way! We are so happy you could come:)

    • Tom & Melissa...and Charlie, of course!

      Yay!! We’re so happy for you guys! Congratulations and thanks for sharing pictures of your special day. I can’t believe your flawless skin has no makeup—gorgeous as always! Love & hugs from the Winters!!

      • sarah

        he he I think my skin is so clear because of the no makeup thing:) Thanks guys, we miss seeing you at the farmers market every week:(

    • Bill Peck


    • Olivia Lane

      Thanks so much for sharing your wedding with us. You both look so beautiful and happy! (I think I’m glowing just from reading this!) Congratulations and much love!!!! Have fun in Australia!
      P.S. LOL at “I think people were starting to wonder if we were ever going to get married, and then everyone else already thought we were;)”

      • sarah

        Thanks Olivia:) Haha the LOL so true!

    • Donna Kaup

      Congratulations you two love birds!!!! Beautiful wedding, beautiful family, and a great celebration for you both!! God bless you both!!!!
      With lots of love, Donna

      • Sarah

        Thank’s Donna, it was a fun celebration:)

    • JoanE

      By far, the best wedding I’ve ever seen. Congratulations you guys! Wishing you all the best.

      • sarah

        JoanE, you are soooo sweet!!!

    • Dave Kemp (DTO music)

      What a glorious day! It was an honor playing my piano compositions at your wedding. May Love & Light continue to shine in your relationship and marriage for years to come.

      Love ~ Light ~ Awareness,
      DTO ♫ ♪

    • Laurel

      Congratulations Sarah and Peter! Thanks for sharing the wedding day photos. Both of you looked even happier and more glowing than usual – and the food looks amazing!

    • sarah

      Thank’s Laurel. The Food was so tasty…still dreaming about it:)


      Hi, beautiful wedding photos, the wedding looked wonderful, very natural, down to earth and beautiful. You both looked fantastic. Sarah, you absolutely did not need make-up you were glowing and beautiful. Peter you looked very handsome. I loved the setting and the dress, not to mention how fabulous the food looked. Thanks for sharing the photos. Lovely!

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