We thought it was about time we created a comprehensive list of all the CSA programs in San Diego!

(We will try to update this as more CSA Programs are created)

What is CSA?

CSA stands for community supported agriculture.  For the purpose of this list we’re talking about actual farms/company’s that have a CSA program. This is when you pay a farm/company for a box of produce every week or every other week. The produce in the box changes weekly and is based on the season.

Box Sizes

Each program is a little different, but the average box size for a small is 7-8 items and large is 10-13 items.


It varies from farm to farm but the average small box price is $23-$26 and large box price is $28-$30. In most cases if you pay for multiple boxes up-front, you’ll get a lower price.

*CSA programs are available all over the place, not just San Diego! Check out Local Harvest to find CSA’s near you :)

San Diego CSA Programs:

JR Organics

What we like about them: Their love. Take a close look at this farm and you can see it. This is a family farm and a family that really cares about each other. They also care about their members – they post recipes, respond to emails and move boxes to different locations, I could go on and on but this farm is filled with love.

Suzie’s Farm

What we like about them: They’re fun. From the things they put in their boxes (chilies & sprouts) to the events they hold (Farm School & Yoga on the Farm). If there is one farm that knows how to have fun this is the one.

Coral Tree Farm

What we like about them: They’re cozy. This farm is a hidden gem in Encinitas. Tucked away, but simply beautiful none the less. The CSA program is small, but in a nice cozy way.

Urban Fresh Delivery

What we like about them: They have community. Jenn and Mackenzie (the owners) really get to know their customers and because of it they have a really strong and successful CSA. *This company will deliver to your door and they source from local farmers.

Naturally To Your Door

What we like about them: Awesome products. Not only do they have really great produce, but they also have really fun local products such as rain water, coffee and trail mix. *This company will deliver to your door and they source from local farmers.

Farmer Leo’s

What we like about them: Ryan (aka Farmer Leo :) Farmer Leo’s passion for farming and fresh food really shines. Make sure you check out his magical farm to table dinners as well.

Be Wise Ranch

What we like about them: Clean produce. Sometimes we’re in a hurry and can really appreciate produce that is cleaned and ready to be chopped.

Garden of Eden Organics

What we like about them: They post fun recipes. Today we saw a recipe for persimmon cookies, what a great idea! *They are a co-op of 23 small farms.

Abundant Harvest Organics

What we like about them: Custom delivery schedule. They allow you to decide how often you get your box. Once a week …twice a week… even once a month! *They source from multiple farms.

Specialty Produce

What we like about them: Information. They share information about every fruit and vegetable, things like growing season to storage and even recipes. *They are a produce distribution so they source from a lot of different farms.

Ultimate Produce Organic Co-op

What we like about them: Easy preparation. This CSA program focuses on easy to eat produce. Think apples, berries and oranges.

Wild Willow Farm

What we like about them: Educational programs. They specialize in educating local citizens about sustainable farming, permaculture and how to live sustainably in our region.

Morning Song Farm

What we like about them: Variety of fruits and vegetables. We like this farm because they grow things that other farmers aren’t, like pineapple guavas.

Seabreeze Organic Farm

What we like about them: Fun add-ons. They have an online store where you can add extra produce into your box.

Inland Empire CSA

What we like about them: Good balance. They have a nice mixture of fruits and vegetables that seem to compliment each other well. *This CSA is sourced from 2 farms.

Eli’s Farm

What we like about them: They support the mission. Eli’s really supports people eating fresh and avoiding GMO’s, they want the best for everyone not just their customers.

Sage Mountain Farm

What we like about them: Education. They post great articles about eating local and organic.

Harvest 2U

What we like about them: Flexible pickups. They offer lots of different options for picking up your box: from delivery to pick up, plus a few in between. *This CSA sources from 5 different farms.

We hope this list is helpful, there are a lot of different CSA programs in San Diego and they all have something a little different to offer. But we know after a little research you can find one that fits your schedule and family’s needs!

Brian’s Farmers Markets

What we like about them: Brian. We love that this CSA was created by a farmers market manager and we think its a great way to encourage shoppers to support farmers long term! *This CSA sources from different farms.

Do you belong to a CSA, if so which one?

If not, have you ever thought about joining one?


    12 replies to "San Diego CSA’s: Community Supported Agriculture"

    • Kate

      I just switched from Urban Fresh Delivery to Naturally to your Door – I love both! The only reason I made the switch was because UFD doesn’t deliver to my area :( but such a great way to get fresh produce.

      • Sarah

        Kate you are in good hands:) Both Companies are really wonderful and the produce is so amazing. We were always impressed by how neatly packed the Naturally to your door boxes were!

    • marc crocker

      how do i choose a csa for me ? i live in mission valley

    • Sarah

      Hey Marc!

      Do you frequent a certain farmers market? If so I would suggest finding out what farms are vendors at that market and then seeing if they have a CSA. That way you can pick up your CSA Box from that market. The benefit of picking up at the market is you can switch out any ingredients you may not want with other ones at that both. Another option would be joining a CSA that delivers. I listed a few above. They usually charge a little extra for delivery but sometimes that is worth it. Let me know if you have any other questions. We are happy to help!

    • Bev

      We just joined J.R. Organics it’s our first experience with a CSA, but our options are limited as we live in Vista. I think we’re going to like it.

    • Sarah

      Hey Bev! I love J.R Organic’s! I think you are going to be very happy with them! Did you see this article about J.R’s?

    • David Coincon

      Hello Sarah,

      I subscribe to Eli’s Farms. At first we started with a home delivered box every two weeks, and found that we enjoyed the quality and variety of the fresh produce so much, we had to increase our delivery schedule to every week. Their regular box prices are much lower than the other CSAs I’ve seen. The people there really care, and I can’t say enough good things about this CSA. You can also order additional and other items from their online store. They really make it easy. And they also have fresh eggs, when the chickens are laying. ;-)

      • Sarah

        Hey David!

        We love Eli’s Farm, such great produce:) I love that you had to increase your delivery, that’s so awesome. Peter and I had the same thing happen to us, now we are going thru 2 boxes a week! Good Eating;)

    • LH

      Hey Sarah! know of any good CSA farms near Chula Vista? Thanks

      • sarah

        Hey Lauren!

        Humm I haven’t been to Chula Vista in so long…time for a trip. I know there is the Bonitas Farmers Market, which is more of a store but has some good produce. Then there is the imperial beach market on Fridays, There is also the Otay Ranch market in Chula Vista on tuesdays, and then there is the he Third Avenue Village Certified Farmers’ Market, which is on Thursdays and has been around for over 20 years! Hope that helps & let me know if you go to any of these, I’d love to hear what you think of them:)

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