For women SO ready to LOSE WEIGHT and THRIVE on a Plant-Based Diet, because it's about  time!

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 -What if I said you could lose weight on a plant-based diet without counting calories or giving up carbs?

 -What if I said you could get endless energy by eating more not less?

 -What if I said you could tone up your stomach without going to the gym?

 -What if I said you could transition to a plant-based diet and still get all of your nutrients

 -What if I said you could make healthy plant-based meals your entire family loves... in less time?

Guess What? YOU CAN!

If you're new to me, I’m Sarah and I went from stomach pain, low energy and blotchy skin to eating a plant-based diet, 20 pound weight loss, and clear skin. Now I help women also lose weight and thrive on a plant-based diet.

Women come to me because they're tired of struggling to maintain a plant-based diet, they don't know what to eat, and what to avoid in order to lose the weight.

They have digestion issues and low energy, just like I did! They want to burn fat (BADLY) but they don’t want it to just be about the weight, they want to get extremely healthy in the process as well.

This is not just another product - I’m talking about your health.

Your life is on the line. How much is it worth to you?

Trust me, nothing feels better than losing the weight. No outfit feels as good as healthy does.

When I started my journey in 2010, I committed 100%.

I was tired of being sick, in pain, and I wanted to stop hiding behind makeup. Willing to do whatever it took, I did it my friend, and you can too.

With Plant-Based For Women, Losing Weight is EASY!

I’ve helped hundreds of women (just like you) lose weight, rebuild their confidence, and adopt a Plant-Based Lifestyle they can sustain.

Now I’d like to help you do the same thing.

Gigi lost 40 pounds vegan diet

"I have lost over 40 pounds. I have dropped 4 sizes and I feel better than I ever felt in years.” ~Gigi B.

Jericho plant based weight loss testimonial

“It would be a lot harder for me to deal with this on my own! My favorite part was knowing I could check in with you every week and knowing I wasn't alone. I did lose weight - slowly, at first, but now it's up to 20 lbs. The amount of vegetables I eat every day has increased a lot too! I was surprised how easy it was to cut dairy out of my diet - I thought that it would be harder than it was. Also surprised at how making gradual changes each week could amount to a significant transformation in my attitude and approach to my health."  ~Jericho B.

Savannah dropped 19 lbs plant based eating

“I haven't told you this yet, but I finally weighed myself and lost 19 lbs!” ~Savannah D.

In this Mastermind, I’m going to help you...

1).  Set a clear weight loss goal, and ACHIEVE it! We'll identify the steps needed to lose the weight with ease! No calorie counting, just lots of nutrient-rich foods and mindset work 😃

2). Get all of the nutrients you need on a plant-based diet so you can not only maintain it, but thrive with this new healthy lifestyle.

3). Tone up (flat belly here you come), so you feel confident in your skin - maybe for the first time - or the first time in a long time. You deserve it.


I Care About You And Your Lifestyle

One of the first things you’ll do is get on a call with me. Together we’ll figure out what you’ve tried, where you’re stuck, and come up with a plan that you’re excited about to help you move forward. You’ll feel so inspired you’ll be losing weight in no time!

Sarah drinking green smoothie

Quick Tasty Meals In Live Time

Each month I’ll send out the cooking class menu, letting you know what I’ll be making and when. Then I’ll go live in our private FB group where you can watch and cook with me in your own home. I’ll make things like Turmeric Lattes, Green Smoothies, Pad Thai, Tempeh Tacos and Almond Flour Chocolate Chip Cookies. You’ll also be able to request recipes each week AND you’ll get access to over 50 cooking classes in the archive.

I Hold Your Hand

Each week I post new things to work on, and then check in with you to make sure you’re doing what you said you were going to do. This community is amazing for accountability, and we do so in a way where you’ll never feel judged, but rather motivated by seeing everyone else in their progress.

I Prescribe Seasonal And Nutrient Dense Produce

Most weight loss plans will focus on the calories and carbs, and that’s where this method differs. I use super fresh raw & cooked produce, and will teach you about the benefits of eating seasonal, and how to use it so you lose the weight quickly.

Weight loss is a $60 billion industry DESIGNED to keep you broke, out-of-shape, and yo-yoing in your pant size forever, so big corporations can continue to take your money and leave you frustrated.

Frankly, I hate it.

Where can you turn if you want to truly be healthy and happy?

And how can you actually COMMIT to a lasting healthy lifestyle for good?

I didn’t see any weight loss solutions I liked, so I set forth and created one myself.

Seasonal organic raw produce


For Women Ready to Lose Weight and Thrive on a Plant-Based Diet

It’s time to be the woman you’ve always known you were meant to be.

This Lady Needs A Change!


+ a one-time $150 joining fee

BUY NOWLess than a trip to the hair salon or a massage

-Private Weight Loss Call with Sarah
-6 Month Customized Action Plan
-The Beginner and Advanced Cleanses
-The Skin Mastery Kit
-Weekly Live Trainings
-Weekly Live Cooking Classes
-Private FB Group
-Bonus Program: The Digestion and Weight Loss Connection ($999 Value)

Pay For A Whole Year & Save


(no joining fee)

BUY NOWLess than a year of mani/pedis

-Includes everything above
-No joining fee
-Get 3 months extra, FREE

Your 1st Month in The Mastermind:


Sign up for your 1:1 call with Sarah, then post your month 1 goal in our private FB group.


Start following your customized weight loss action plan. This might look like fasting in the morning and starting your day with green juice, or adding daily walks and one nutrient dense meal, or changing up your supplements and working on emotional blocks. It’s different for everyone, but it’s sure to whip you into shape and give you direction!


Attend our weekly training and live cooking class. Try a new plant-based recipe and implement a new habit to help you lose weight even faster.


Start one of your courses, maybe the Digestion and Weight Loss Connection, or The Skin Mastery Kit and get glowing!

Bonus: The Digestion & Weight Loss Connection
Bonus: The Skin Mastery Kit

“I started working with Sarah because I was feeling tired, overweight and frustrated with my health.The most exciting moment was getting on the scale and seeing a difference!  I lost 10 pounds (maybe more - haven't been on the scale this month;-) and I have more energy.”

~Karina C.

"Since working with you I've noticed better skin, weight loss, feeling so energized, more oxygen in blood (I can feel it!), my whole body feels "wow!", also less knee pain."

~Claudia G.