Are you ready to stop doing what’s easy and start doing what makes you happy & healthy?

This mentorship is for women who - more than anything - want to be able to eat plant-based meals with their family (No more flack!)

And more than anything - want great relationships with family, want to travel, give back, and have endless energy.

Plant means ‘living organism’ and that’s what I want to help you achieve, I want to help you come to life again.

Maybe being a mother has taken all of your energy, and you forgot that you had another dream... to build a business, become a health coach, or to be a pilates instructor.

Maybe working in a job that didn’t fulfill or appreciate you killed your confidence, so you forget how capable and worthy you actually are.

If you know a plant-based lifestyle is for you, if you know this is the best way to eat and live for disease prevention, then you my lady NEED this mentorship.

Answer me this, are you struggling with…

Sticking with a plant-based diet?
Being supported?
Time management?
Getting your husband to support you?
Doing what’s easy rather than what’s necessary?

What if I told you I could help you end those struggles?

And if I did, how does this sound:

You and your family are on the same page, you are confident, you are running a successful business, you are doing work you love, you are traveling, you are happy, and you’re having fun?

That’s what this mentorship is all about.

If you’re feeling a pull towards this, I want you in it.

That being said, be prepared to go deep with me.

Be honest with me and yourself, and to shake things up.

It might feel a little scary and uncomfortable at times, but that means you’re growing. You making it this far is a huge step.

The next is signing up. Investing in yourself and your future.

What can you expect to achieve in the next 6-Months?

  • Total Transformation (My clients say they can’t even recognize the old them)
  • Eating a plant-based meal with your family and everyone enjoyed it
  • Starting a business, so that you can do work that fulfills you every single day
  • More energy to plan and take that trip you’ve been dying to go on

(Your results depend on how much you’re willing to show up and get real with me, the more you give the more you get. I promise to be by your side supporting you every step of the way!)

Nitty Gritty Details (what’s included)

12 Calls (2 per month)
-You’re going to transition to a plant-based diet, no more half-assing it.

-You’re going to be able to strongly communicate with your husband and family so that they support you, and stop giving you flack.

-You’re going to create a game plan for your business or passion project, so you feel confident taking action every single time.

-You’re going to be able to pick my brain 24/7 and I’ll be keeping an eye on you, making sure your actions are in alignment.

Month 3 Calls With Peter - He's the other half of our business and offers a fresh perspective. He'll be covering the male angle and how you can use that in your own relationship. He'll also help you shake things up so your results don't get stagnant. Remember: men are from Mars and women are from Venus, I know you'll be enlightened by your work with him.

6 Workshops (1 per month)
These are going to be from me and those I look up to most. We’re going to cover a different topic each month; you can come live and network, or watch the replay at a time that works best for you. Some of the topics covered: Weight Loss Awareness, Organic Beauty, Money Mindset, Boundaries and Redefining yourself.

3 Day In-Person Retreat in a Beautiful Home in Seattle Washington (June 28-30, 2019)
Come hang with me and a few other women this summer as we celebrate you and all of your success. This 3-day retreat is covered in the cost of this mentorship (transportation to the retreat is on you). During this time we will juice, cook, shop, do pilates, meditate, and do some group coaching. It will be a restorative and fun weekend with your lady tribe. Room, Food, and Activites are all included :)

All Courses + New Courses
Not only will you get access to all of my current courses, but you’ll also receive any courses that I release between when you sign up and the end of your program.

This includes:

- Plant-Based Together (Couples Course)
- Plant-Based Beginners
- The 10 Day Whole Food Cleanse
- The Skin Mastery
- The Plant-Based Meal Planners Course
- Self Love for Anxiety and Stress (Coming Soon!)

6 Months in Mastermind
You’ll also get 6 months in my women's only mastermind. Connect with over 50 amazing ladies, watch my weekly cooking classes or training’s. This is the place to be if you want to go plant-based, lose the weight, and be fully supported.



I'm Fully Committed

1 PAYMENT$5,460

I'm Ready For Change

PAYMENT PLAN$1,700 Today, Then 8 Monthly Payments Of $490
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What happens next?

Once you sign up your spot is saved and I’ll follow up with my calendar to book your calls. The first workshop starts in January and the retreat is in June :)

More questions? Send me an email or reach out on social media [email protected]

Some client wins can be seen here: https://theseasonaldiet.com/testimonials

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