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The Plant-Based
Starter Pack

  • 7 Recipes
  • Tips to Help You Feel More Confident on Your Plant-Based Journey


Week 1 of The Plant-Based Training Course

  • 9 Recipes (Inside Printable 3-Day Meal Plan)
  • Tips to Help You Feel More Confident on Your Plant-Based Journey
  • Recipes & Resources for Picky Eaters (Includes 9 Additional Recipes)
  • Mindset Tips for Overcoming Overwhelm
  • How to Explain Your New Diet to Friends & Family
  • How to Identify Healthy vs. Unhealthy Plant-Based Meals
  • 4 Shopping Guides With Our Favorite Plant-Based Products
  • Supplements We Use Every Single Day
  • A Look into Our Kitchen & Ingredients We Always Have

There’s a lot to think about when starting this journey...

So we've covered everything in detail that actually matters  throughout Week 1 of the course.

In this first week, you'll learn...

How to make sure you’re choosing meals that are actually healthy, and will give you the best chance at reaching your health goals - whether that’s weight loss, increased energy, improved digestion, etc.

Included In Week 1:
VIDEO: Identifying Healthy Plant-Based Meals ~ with Sarah (15:52 min)

Talking with loved ones to build up as much support as possible. Often times others view your diet change as an inconvenience or some new fad - it’s important for you to get on the same page so they work with you, not against you.

Included In Week 1:
VIDEO: How To Communicate Your New Diet With Friends & Family ~ with Peter (8:28 min)

Focusing your attention on what’s actually important. It’s easy to get overwhelmed with everything new that comes with eating a plant-based diet - there are some easy mindset tips to follow so you don’t become so attached to perfection.

Included In Week 1:
VIDEO: Overcoming Overwhelm + Mindset Tips For Keeping It Simple ~ with Peter (8:48 min)

Finding recipes your family will actually like. Switching to a plant-based diet means saying goodbye to meat, and for some this is seems like the end of the world. It doesn’t have to be like that! There are so many amazing recipes your friends & family will absolutely love.

Included In Week 1:
RECIPES & RESOURCES: Meals That Even The Pickiest of Eaters Will Like Too ~ Sarah

Getting comfortable in the kitchen. If you’re new to cooking, welcome! ...we weren’t cooking either before going plant-based. Most people don’t spend time in their kitchens, and that’s a shame because it doesn’t take long to get the hang of it, save time, save money, increase nutrition in meals, and boost the flavor in your life.

Converting old classics into new healthy favorites. We all have meals we’ve come to love that aren’t plant-based, and there’s no reason you can’t find alternatives for animal product ingredients.

Included In Week 1:
VIDEO: Kitchen Tips + Turning Your Favorites Into Plant-Based Meals ~ Sarah (38:11 min)

Week 1 inside the online portal

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Get the first week of recipes & resources for 50% Off.

Originally $49

Only $24.95

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Because we really want you to succeed, we're also including the following shopping guides, each filled with what exactly we like and how to use them:

Plant-Based Shopping Guides

- Best Vegan Cheese Alternatives
- Best Dairy-Free Alternatives
- Healthiest Gluten-Free Products
- Recommended Supplements For A Plant-Based Diet

Plant-Based 3 Day Meal Plan + Recipes

Get a meal plan that we personally follow. All recipes are easy, fast, and are perfect for picky eaters and crazy busy days. There are written recipes, as well as video options, so you can really see all of the steps, in case you’re a visual learner.


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