For those who want to go plant-based with confidence.

We went plant-based, lost the weight, improved our digestion, and increased our confidence.

We've helped thousands of others do the same, like Ciara...

Now it's your time to thrive!

We get it, you’re worried about how this will work with your current lifestyle, what you'll be eating, and if you can really get off the dairy and improve your skin.

You feel like you're doing ok, but deep down you know your body is a mess - skin, digestion, stress - as if it's all working against you. It feels heavy. 

It’s overwhelming, but the truth is, it doesn't have to be that way.

You can go plant-based AND gain confidence along the way!

We put together the most results-oriented starter program to take you from overwhelmed and stuck, to plant-based and thriving.


Peter and I put together a unique starter course to help women set aside fear & doubt, and commit to a plant-based diet for all the health benefits it offers.

Our own journey started almost 9 years ago.

Before that, my digestion was a hot mess… stomach pain, bloating, no answers from any doctor. Peter struggled with low energy and constipation, and we were both drinking way too much coffee - and the weight was starting to creep up.

The way we eat now is much better, but it’s different than most vegan plans & recipes you’ll find online.

We’re all about whole foods, but not extreme.

We buy hummus already made, and we sometimes use oil and sugar.

We also incorporate some raw food principles like juicing & food combining.


We didn’t go plant-based to lose weight (although we each lost 20 pounds), for us it’s always been more about how we feel, rather than the number on the scale… and that’s what we want to help you achieve.

This program would be perfect for you if you struggle with…

- Not planning meals ahead of time, and eating 'whatever' too often
- Continuing to eat old comfort foods, not making progress
- Feeling like a burden, and giving in to what friends & family want you to eat
- Confused about nutrients, overwhelmed with information
- Lacking confidence in the kitchen, finding ways to avoid it

Here’s how we’re going to help you do it…


Starting Strong

Identifying healthy plant-based meals. Turning your current favorites into plant-based meals. Overcoming overwhelm + mindset tips for keeping this process simple. How to communicate your new diet with friends & family. Recipes that the PICKIEST of eaters will love too. Kitchen basics & tips.

(Includes 3-Day Meal Plan & Recipes)


Healthy Fats

How our bodies use fat. Overcoming extreme cheese cravings. Meal planning for balanced & quick meals. Creating healthy snacks. How to increase your energy naturally.

(Includes 3-Day Meal Plan & Recipes)


Navigating Carbs & Sugar

How our bodies use carbohydrates. Overcoming sugar cravings. The truth about fruit & weight loss. High glycemic foods: sugar, white potatoes & agave. Delightful desserts. How to improve your digestion.

(Includes 3-Day Meal Plan & Recipes)


All About Protein

How our bodies use protein. How much protein you need for optimal health. Replacing the meat. Healthy comfort foods. Making meals more filling & adding more calories for men.

(Includes 3-Day Meal Plan & Recipes)


Getting All Your Nutrients

Where to get your produce and what to look for. How to quickly increase the diversity of nutrients. Iron: how to make sure you’re getting enough. Calcium, Zinc, B12, Omega 3. Supplements vs. whole foods and what you need to know.

(Includes 3-Day Meal Plan & Recipes)


Plant-Based On The Go

Meals to bring to work & school. Plant-based while traveling. Movement for weight loss.

(Includes 3-Day Meal Plan & Recipes)


Saving Time

How to stock your kitchen. Batch cooking for 3+ days . Repurposing leftovers . Important shopping tips no one ever taught you.

(Includes 3-Day Meal Plan & Recipes)


Troubleshooting & Adjustments

Overcoming blocks for long-term success . Plant-based foods for energy, skin, and anti-aging . Q&A for long-term success.

And if it’s okay with you, we’d like to make your life a little easier :)

What’s also included in the program...

Weekly Plant-Based Meal Plans - so you don’t have to worry about what to eat for balanced nutrition & great energy.

Easy & Fast Recipes - these are for picky eaters, and crazy busy days, and most of all, one’s you can’t get enough of.

Plant-Based Shopping Guides

- Best Vegan Cheese Alternatives
- Best Dairy-Free Alternatives
- Healthiest Gluten-Free Products (Pasta, Cereal, Bread)
- Recommended Supplements For A Plant-Based Diet

Plant-Based Beginners inside the online portal

Get instant access after purchase 👏

Also - the contents are yours forever, so you can repeat this program as often as you like.


Because we really really really want you to succeed, we also want to include the following…

Live Help From Us

You can post questions any time throughout the course... we're here for you!

10 Pound In 30 Day Challenge

Walking you through exactly how to lose your first or last 10 pounds in a month.

By the end of the program you will…

Know exactly how to get all of your nutrients and thrive with a plant-based lifestyle

Feel healthier and more energized than you have in years (Maybe ever)

Have a handful of plant-based recipes you and your family can’t get enough of

See the scale going down rather than up (Weight loss baby!)

Be confident in eating a plant-based diet, making meal plans & delicious recipes each week.

If you complete & implement everything in this course but don't gain any health results, we'll give you a free 1:1 call to help troubleshoot.

It's time to increase your confidence in a plant-based lifestyle.
You NEED this!

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There are millions of others reclaiming their health and thriving on plants.
Now it’s your turn.

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 Weight Loss Awareness Workshop - The most important things to work on when it comes to weight loss.

 The 10 Pound in 30-day Challenge - This walks you through exactly what to focus on for the next 30 days to lose your first or last 10 pounds.

 Morning Routine Weight Loss Mini-Course - How you start your day is one of the most important things when it comes to weight loss.

 Identifying Healthy Plant-Based Meals Tutorial - In this video, I help you uncover healthy vs. unhealthy plant-based recipes so you can make sure you’re choosing the healthiest recipes for your body.

 The ‘Everything Is Going My Way’ Mindset Book List - I’m also including the best books to help you stick with your plant-based lifestyle no matter what life throws your way.

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What if I don't have weight to lose? +

This program is for those who want to go plant-based and learn how to do it right. If you’re not currently plant-based, or don’t feel like you’re thriving, this would be perfect for you.

Is this only for women? +

Nope. Men and women, as well as everyone in between :)

I don't do well with soy? +

You don’t have to eat it, hehe. Soy is not a requirement for a plant-based diet, although we know what you mean, it can sometimes feel that way. We provide alternatives for everything.

I've tried plant-based meals & programs in the past, how is this different? +

We’re very hands on. Unlike most plant-based programs that give you a plan and send you on your way, we listen to your struggles, and will help you course-correct on the way. I guarantee this is unlike any program you’ve done before.

More questions? Email [email protected] or [email protected]

We’re also always available on social media, send us a message :)