Would you love to fully embody a plant-based lifestyle?

Healthy from the inside out… Glowing Skin… Great Health… Your Ideal Body?

If so you need Plant-Based and Owning It!

A 6 Month Immersion to Your Healthiest Self

This is for you girlfriend!!!

I wanted to create something that gives you every single thing you need to be successful on this lifestyle... not just the diet part but the lifestyle part.

-I want you to know exactly what to eat and when for maximum digestion & weight loss.

-I want you to know how to get all of your nutrients and talk confidently about it to others.

-I want you to feel like a pro in the kitchen and be able to whip up quick and delicious meals with ease.

-I want you to have a body you’re proud of and don’t mind showing off.

-I want you to have the energy you need to climb mountains, run marathons, and keep your family healthy & happy.

All of that and so much more is possible for you. Can you feel it? I sure can, and I can’t wait to guide you to your healthiest self in 2019!

This program is unlike anything I’ve created before, and unlike anything you will see online.

It contains coaching, meal plans, workouts, an in-person retreat, a mastermind tribe of women making these same changes, a private FB group, private access to me, workshops and so much more!

Intuitively Plant-Based would be perfect for you if…

  • You know your health isn't where you want it to be, and have a STRONG desire to change it, but aren't 100% sure what to do or where to start
  • You know you want to go plant-based... not just vegan, but whole food, organic, gluten-free, juicing... you want to do all of the things
  • You're hardworking and ready to finally commit to your health in 2019, this is your year!
  • You know your health is holding you back, and you know this lifestyle change would be amazing for every single area of your life
  • You know you have some emotional blocks and are ready and willing to work through them
  • You'd LOVE ME to hold you accountable and keep you inline when you get a little too wild ;)

If this is you, we kick off in January and end in June.

We'll start transitioning you to a whole food plant-based diet right away - but don't worry, it's going to be delicious and fun!

You'll go through my courses one by one with my help & guidance to make sure you finish them and are implementing everything for maximum results.

You'll be making and eating delicious food that not only gives you energy each day but tastes amazing and has you loving the transformations you see in your body.

We're working together closely...

Weekly check-ins and hour-long coaching calls every two weeks, celebrating your wins and creating new mini goals.

You no longer have any fear or doubt about this lifestyle, when talking to others they can tell you fully own and love it.

Plant-Based suits you very well :)

Picture it...

You released the weight, feel more confident in yourself, and love your body.

You said no to pain, fear, doubt, and overwhelm.

What you get when you enroll in Plant-Based & Owning it:

12 Calls (2 per month)
-You’re going to transition to a plant-based diet, it feels so good, you’re lighter and brighter.

-You’re going to be confident in your healthy lifestyle, be able to do it anywhere and able to communicate with your family so they can support you and fully understand why you’re making these changes.

-You’re going to be able to pick my brain 24/7 and I’ll be keeping an eye on you, making sure your actions are allowing you to reach your goals with ease.

6 Workshops (1 per month)
These are going to be from me and those I look up to most. We’re going to cover a different topic each month; you can come live and network, or watch the replay at a time that works best for you. Some of the topics covered: Weight Loss Awareness, Organic Beauty, Money Mindset, Boundaries and Redefining yourself.

3 Day In-Person Retreat in a Beautiful Home in Seattle, Washington (June 28-30, 2019)
Come hang with me and a few other amazing people this summer as we celebrate you and all of your success. This 3-day retreat is covered in the cost of this mentorship (transportation to the retreat is on you). During this time we will juice, cook, shop, do pilates, meditate, and do some group coaching. It will be a restorative and fun weekend celebrating this healthy lifestyle with the best people. Room, Food, and Activites are all included :)

(If you want to bring your partner to the retreat it will be an additional $599, but if it’s just you this is a great deal as the individual price for the retreat is $1,999)

All Courses + New Courses
Not only will you get access to all of my current courses, but you’ll also receive any courses that I release between when you sign up and the end of your program.

This includes:

- Plant-Based Together (Couples Course)
- Plant-Based Beginners
- The 10 Day Whole Food Cleanse
- The Skin Mastery
- The Plant-Based Meal Planners Course
- Self Love for Anxiety and Stress (Coming Soon!)

6 Months in Mastermind
You’ll also get 6 months in my women's only mastermind. Connect with over 50 amazing ladies, watch my weekly cooking classes or trainings. This is the place to be if you want to go plant-based, lose the weight, and be fully supported.


1 Year of Pilates Workouts
Because I know how important movement is, everyone who signs up before December 25th will also receive 1 year of online pilates workouts, with a weekly workout calendar, so you know what to do each day and don’t have to think about it.

*Don’t worry, I’m not teaching these, hehe... these are the workouts I do from my pilates teacher. You can do them anywhere, and don’t need equipment. Most workouts are 20-30 minutes long.

Imagine what you can accomplish in 6 months with full-time support and guidance!

-Release 60 pounds, and no longer fear what will happen if you don’t change

-More confidence in your ability to do what you say you’re going to do

-Clear up your skin and stop stressing about covering it up

It’s time for you to own your healthy body and lifestyle

I’m ready to kick off my 2019

Apply Now

What happens next?
We celebrate the heck out of you for doing something for yourself. For facing the fear and telling the universe that you’re worth it. Fill out the short application, and I'll follow up with you in the next 48 hours :) Your spot is saved, and if you're a good fit, I’ll follow up with my calendar to book your calls, get you set up in the Mastermind, and with your pilates account.  The first workshop starts in January, and the retreat is in June :)


More questions? Send me an email or reach out on social media [email protected]