8 Weeks to Your Most Confident Self on a Plant-Based Diet

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Now before you freak out, it’s not a diet, it’s a lifestyle. One that you’ve been interested in for a while now, but haven’t been able to adopt... amiright?

Answer me this 👇

-Are you tired of spending all of this time thinking about eating more plants and going all in, only to stay exactly where you are?

-Do you wish you could lose the weight easily without feeling restricted or overwhelmed?

-Would you love to have more energy to work AND exercise?

-Are you ready to start eating more plants, moving your body, and become your highest self?

If so, Pass The Plants is perfect for you :)

One thing you might not know about me is I’m easily overwhelmed.

I don’t have the space to do and know all of the things at one time. Knowing this about myself has helped me to stay laser focused, and it’s allowed me to help my clients do the same and change their lives.

I went plant-based in 2010 because I was tired of being sick all of the time. I had really irritated skin that seemed to break out and develop rashes no matter what I did. And my gut health... so bad! I often stayed home from college and work because I felt like someone was stabbing me.

I think due to my ability to keep things really simple I was able to adopt a plant-based diet pretty easily. But I also know what it’s like to get all up in your head, and I had moments like that.

The fact is, there will never be a perfect time to get started, life keeps happening.

But I do know this: Life is a lot easier when you feel your best, when you don’t have to worry about your health, and when you can breathe and move freely & easily.

Pass The Plants is for you if...

  • You think plants are the best, but you’re not sure how to incorporate them, what to cook, or how to get started?? SARAH HELP ME!
  • You’re tired of being unhealthy & overweight, you don’t want to go on a diet but you want to get some results ASAP :)
  • You love crystals, plants, the law of attraction, and know you can do anything you set your mind to... and you want to get healthy now!

This is what I’m going to help you achieve:

Weight loss without counting calories and without eating less
I know, crazy pants, but it’s true! My clients lose anywhere from 5-20 pounds in my 8-week programs. Your weight loss will depend on how much you implement and where you’re starting at.

Alive energy
What I mean is energy that comes from within, not artificial “I have to eat all of the sugar and drink all of the coffee energy”. Before going plant-based I didn’t know what this was, so no worries if you can’t relate (yet). All I have to say is, you want this! You’ll be able to use this energy to workout, to do things on the weekends, to be more creative, to get outside and be active!

Confidence in taking care of yourself
Imagine being able to avoid getting sick, imagine being able to tune into your body and know exactly what to eat when you’re tired, what to eat when you’re feeling run down, what to do when you feel bloated. By the time we’re done you’re going to feel so confident in yourself and your body that you’re no longer going to feel fearful about what’s going on inside, because you’ll be able to say, I’ve been taking the best care of myself.

What else you need to know about Pass The Plants

 Each week we’ll connect via a 1:1 call and work through any blocks and come up. This is your time to ask questions and get clear on what needs to be done.

 Together we’ll plan out your meals and snacks, and you’ll learn how to create your own balanced nutrient dense plant-based meals

 You’ll create routines that allow you to pass the plants all of the time

 I’ll provide meal plans if that feels good, or we’ll modify your current meals

 I’ll provide recommended supplements for getting all of your nutrients on a plant-based diet

 You’ll get access to all of my recipes (written + videos) so you don’t have to spend time searching for recipes that are not only healthy but taste good

Week 1

We'll identify your goals and create a plan that allows you to achieve them, which will help you minimize overwhelm and get clear on what you're working on each week.

Week 2

We'll go over how to get all of your nutrients on a plant-based diet and make sure you're on track to do that, which will help you you feel energized and heal as we move through this program.

Week 3

We'll cover stress, rest, and recovery. We'll talk about the different types of stress and make sure your adrenals and hormones are supported - which will help you stay energized, lose weight, and no longer feel so tired.

Week 4

You'll learn how to get support from others and how to be more efficient in the kitchen, which will help you free up your time for hobbies, family, and other things that bring you joy. 

Week 5

We'll take a look at emotional eating and habits that don't serve you, from there we'll create a set of feel good boundaries, which will help you handle emotional triggers moving forward and keep you on track to reach your health goals. 

Week 6

We'll take another look at your meal plans & products you're using, which will help you feel confident in what you're putting into your body. You'll feel educated and upbeat about your choices. 

Week 7

We'll take a look at your skin and gut health to make sure you're glowing from the inside out. After 7 weeks on a plant-based diet your digestion will have improved and your skin should be glowing, this is just another way to make sure everything is on track.

Week 8

We'll fill in any gaps, talk about moving forward, and I'll provide you with any additional resources needed. This will help you continue on your path, because a plant-based lifestyle is something you'll never want to stop after these 8 weeks! And we celebrate all of your wins, the weight you released, and just how far you've come 🎉

I'm over the moon excited for you and this program!

Why? Because there are so many things you can do right now to get super healthy on a plant-based lifestyle. So many women come to me feeling stuck, and after our first session they're unstuck... imagine having 8 sessions with me?!

Not only am I going to help you get unstuck but I'm going to help you get organized and on top of it. Eating healthy is going to be so easy and automatic, you're going to be loving how you feel, your body, and your entire life so much more than you do now. And, you're going to be grateful you signed up when you did!


Q: When do we start?
A: Beginning of February. Calls are set on a day and time that work best for you. Once you sign up I’ll give you some material and content to get started on so you’re all up to speed by our first call. Don’t worry, I’m all about minimizing overwhelm.

Q: What’s included?
A: 8 weeks of 1:1 calls with me, email and messenger support, 2 months in my private mastermind, recipes, meal plans, and any other resources I think would benefit you during our time together.

Q: Is this a group program?
A: No, this is a private coaching program with me. However, you will have access to my Mastermind while working together, which is a group program.

Q: What if I’m brand new?
A: That’s perfect as you’ll have a lot to gain :)

Q: What if I can’t make all of the calls?
A: As long as you give me at least 24 hours we can move your call to another day/time. I’m very easy going, as long as you respect my time I’m happy to accommodate you.

Q: What is your refund policy?
A: Due to the time and energy I put behind this program, I do not offer refunds. I am confident you will get amazing results in your life from this program.

Q: Can I contact you with any questions I have during the program?
A: Yes of course. I’m always around for your questions. I love helping my clients. You’ll have unlimited access to me M-F 9-5pm. Send me all of your questions!

More questions? Send me a DM or email me: [email protected]

Ready to Pass The Plants and finally start feeling healthy and confident in your skin?


Pass The Plants is a 1:1 coaching program with Sarah Hagstrom, 8 weeks of calls, plant-based meals, her mastermind, courses, and more!

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Now is the perfect time to take really good care of yourself, so what do you say? Pass the Plants ;)