Oh Man, do we have a treat for you:)

Over the last month Peter and I took on the task of trying a bunch of new Nut Butters (some seed butters as well) and some old favorites (we know you’ve had Justin’s Nut Butters!)

Below you will find our reviews of each.

*Note there are so many nut butters we could not cover them all at the moment.

Feel free to leave a comment telling us which ones we should include next time:)

RecipesWe also put together a recipe bundle with the 6 recipes you see in the photos below (make sure you download those at the end of the post, as they are super yum!)

GiveawayAnd make sure you enter at the bottom of this post for a chance to win a Nut Butter sampler pack of your own!

Nut/Seed Butters for Review:

Jimbo’s Naturally Almond Butter

 Almond butter, straight from the grinder!

Ingredients: Roasted Almonds

Price: 13.35 per pound

Our Thoughts: We both love this almond butter, it’s reasonably priced and tastes great. With only 1 ingredient it’s a really healthy option. Two thumbs up for Jim-ban-binos!

*Note if you don’t have a Jimbo’s in your area (boo on that) many health food stores have Peanut Butter & Almond Butter grinders, so check it out if you haven’t as it’s super fresh and very affordable.

Nuttzo Original Smooth

The only seven nut and seed butter on the planet! Food Allergy peeps worst nightmare lol:)

Ingredients: organic peanuts, organic cashews, organic almonds, organic flax seeds, organic brazil nuts, organic hazelnuts, organic sunflower seeds, sea salt

Price: 13.99

Our Thoughts: Peter is allergic to cashews so I had to go at this one alone:) It’s mighty tasty. I love this butter. I was worried it would weigh me down, with all of the nuts and wasn’t sure how it would digest. But I had no problem.

Love that it has flax and no added sugar. Yum-tastic Nuttzo!

Once Again Sunflower Butter

We’ve tried other butters from this brand and we definitely like this sunflower butter best.

Ingredients: Organic Sunflower Seeds, Organic Sugar Cane, Salt

Price: 9.00  (price varies a lot, online is the best deal)

Our Thoughts: This was pretty good, however when it comes to price and the fact that they add sugar, I think we will stick to MaraNatha sunflower seed butter. It’s a better price and doesn’t contain sugar.

*Note Once Again Butters does sell a sugar-free Sunflower Butter but we have not tried it.

Whole Foods Market 365 Peanut Butter (Creamy)

Peter’s favorite Peanut Butter!

Ingredients: Organic Peanuts, Palm Oil, Cane Sugar, Sea Salt

Price: 3.99

Our Thoughts: We don’t like that it has palm oil as we try to avoid it. I think this PB is great tasting & affordable but I wouldn’t buy it for myself, I don’t think it needs the oil or sugar.

Peter on the other hand uses it in his oatmeal, which is minimally sweetened so it all balances out.

*Note Whole Foods Market offers a wide range of butters with & without sugars, definitely worth checking out.

Soom Foods Chocolate Sesame Butter

My Dream Come True!

Ingredients: Tahini, Powdered Sugar, Cocoa powder

Price 8.25

Our Thoughts: First a little disclaimer… We never eat powdered sugar or cocoa powder! But had to give this a try when we saw this product and we love it! It’s a total splurge but so worth it!

If you’re an SD Member, you know we love tahini but add chocolate and wowza! This pretty much tastes like puppy chow/muddy buddies… definitely check out the indulgent bars we created with this stuff in the recipe bundle:)

*Note The team at Soom Foods included a personal note when shipping the butters for us to try, it’s little things like that which shows this is a company that cares about it’s customers… and you probably know by now, I have a thing for really nice people:)

Cinnamon Red Maca Almond Butter (Jem Raw Organic)

This stuff is addicting!

Ingredients: Activated sprouted almonds, raw red maca, robust cinnamon, low-glycemic coconut palm sugar

Price: 11.25

Our Thoughts: We can’t believe this is real life… someone on our Facebook page said they call this crack butter, lol :) It’s like this creamy amazing-ness, you just have to try it to see what we mean. Love the ingredients and the taste.

*Note we met the founders back when we lived in Seattle and they were so sweet! We are so happy to see how much they have grown in the last 4 years!

Justin’s Almond Butter

A Familiar Face:)

Ingredients: Dry Roasted Almonds, Palm Fruit Oil (sustainably sourced)

Price: 11.99

Our Thoughts: This was one of the first almond butters I bought once going vegan, and I love this company. It’s fun and the butter tastes great. This is a classic and kids love it.

Didn’t those recipe pic’s look good? Get your copy of the Recipe Bundle Below


Ok- Now it’s Giveaway Time

Giveaway is now closed. Winner: Lori Feghali…Congrats Lori:) Please email Sarah at Theseasonaldiet dot com

 Enter for a chance to win a sample box of some of our favorites from the above butters like the Soom Chocolate Tahini butter, a sample size of the Jem Organics, 2 boxes of Justin’s Almond Butters and few 365 varieties! Here is what you have to do:

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Winner will be announced here & on FB this Friday, August 22nd, 2014. Good Luck!


    61 replies to "Nut Butter Extravaganza + Giveaway & Recipes"

    • Christian

      I LOVE NUTBUTTERS!! When I would buy my butters, the first thing I looked for is a the nice little symbol on the package reading Organic/NonGMO; then I spin that puppy around and start reading. Nuts (preferably raw/sprouted) and possibly a little sea salt is all that I want/need in the butter…if there was added oils/sugar then it was going back on the shelf. I have now started to make my own butters in the Vitamix and I do not plan on turning back. I loved the NuttZo products best of all because they are an awesome mix of nuts with no added stuff in them :) I copy the NuttZo formula in my butters and its incredible. The last batch I made was an all raw/sprouted mix of almond, sunflower, and pecan….holy wow!!! So rich and creamy; it is dreamy> Awesome post and those new recipes look sinful (in a delightful way) The Spring Rolls, Smoothie, and Waffles are definitely needing to be made in my kitchen

      • Peter Hagstrom

        Right on Christian, we love making our own and will have to try that Almond, Sunflower & Pecan combo for sure!

        • sarah

          Christian- you are the man…pretty much!
          And pete…wanna make me some please:)

    • Lori Feghali

      My favorite would have to be Justin’s Almond Butter. However, my first choice is to go to Whole Foods and grind my own Almond Butter.

      • Peter Hagstrom

        Lori we totally agree – there’s something about the freshly ground almond butter that’s always more appealing than the others. Maybe because its so warm and creamy!

      • Sarah

        Lori- Justin’s is such a classic…love that company. We use to go to this place in Seattle that served their pancakes with Justin’s chocolate hazelnut butter…it was the best:(

      • Sarah

        Congrats Lori You won!!! If you could send your mailing address to [email protected] I will get this out to you right away!

    • Hannah

      I’m most excited to try the Peaches N’ Oats cereal and the Justin’s Almond Butter.

      • Peter Hagstrom

        Oh Hannah, you will love it! Just had it again yesterday and is sooo perfect with the Justin’s drizzled on top:)

    • Mandi

      I’m all about waffles, but I really want to try the chocolate sesame butter!
      Maybe shmear some on a waffle..? Yup.

      • Christian

        One word…..Genius….. :)

      • sarah

        Mandi- Do it and then report back:)
        Pretty much chocolate & waffles…can’t go wrong!

    • Lauren Huckleberry

      Wowwww!!! Awesome line up :) I look forward to trying Nutzo & the Spring Rolls <3 thank you!!!!!! Shared

      • sarah

        Thank’s Lauren! You are so sweet. Nuttzo is pretty tasty… I like the name too…I go Nuttzo for some good spring rolls:) lol ! Let us know if you give em a try!

    • Willow

      I am most excited to try the Chocolate Indulgent bars. They sound really good!

      • sarah

        Omg Willow they are amazing! So simple Also;) My family use to make these things we called muddy buddies during the holidays. They were chex cereal with peanut butter and melted chocolate mixed up and then you shake them up in a bag with powdered sugar. Well the indulgent bars taste exactly the same!

    • Josh

      Super super excited to try the indulgent bars and the zucchini muffins! I hope I can barter some zucchinis from a neighbor at the garden :)

      • sarah

        Josh…we have so many zucchinis…if your neighbor is anything like us I am sure they will share;)

    • Val Shepard

      Thanks Sarah, and Peter,
      So excited to try these out- My husband and I are trying to eat gluten free and mostly veggies. He needs to lose 35 pounds. Any suggestions on the easiest way to start??

    • Christine Rideout

      I make most of my own nut butters, but I also adore Justin’s, and I love trying new things!
      As for the recipes…mmmm they all look yummy, but I’m most likely to go for the Nutty Blueberry Banana Waffles first—because WAFFLES!!

      • Sarah

        Oh Christine, I would love to hear some of the butters you make! And yes waffles for days! We need to try freezing them and see how they hold up..but then again we don’t have a toaster lol

    • Jordan

      This is an awesome giveaway! I love Nuttzo and Justin’s nut butters, but I haven’t tried any of the other brands. I’d love to win! The spring roll recipe sounds fantastic!

      I shared on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jordan.dunne.96/posts/10152736625328974

      • Peter Hagstrom

        Yes, Jordan the Spring Rolls are fantastic! It took us a while to perfect the rolling part but is so worth it – especially with that Sunflower Butter sauce:)) Can’t beat it…

    • Kitty

      The Sunflower spring rolls recipe looks delicious! I’d also love to try some Cashew Butter!

      • Sarah

        Hey Kitty!
        Thank’s for stopping by, the spring rolls are fabulous! A must try!

    • craftyone

      NUTTY BLUEBERRY BANANA WAFFLES seems like it would be pretty good. i am anxious for the cashew butter. I like to use it when I make blondies.

      • Sarah

        Crafty one cashew bloodies…that sounds amazing:)

    • Carolsue

      I downloaded the recipes
      I’d like to try the Peaches n’ Cream Cereal recipe
      I follow you on Facebook as Carolsue Anderson
      I shared on Facebook
      The nut butter I’d most like to try is the Once Again Sunflower Seed Butter

      • Sarah

        Thanks Carolsue!

        The Cereal is amazing and I think it would be tasty with strawberries as well. Good Luck:)

    • […] Enter to WIN a nut butter prize pack containing Sooma Chocolate Tahini butter, a sample size of the Jem Organics, 2 boxes of Justin’s Almond Butters and few 365 varieties. […]

    • Priscilla S.

      I would love to try Justin’s and I think the Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter Cookies look great. I’ve never baked with garbanzo bean flour before so I’m interested to see how they would turn out.

      • Sarah

        Priscilla you have to give garbanzo bean flour a try! It’s crazy how easy it is to work with. But don’t taste the batter raw….it’s not good!

    • MaryAnne

      I want to try making the Chocolate Indulgent bars, good sweet treat to send in my Hubs lunch :)

      • Sarah

        Yes the chocolate indulgent bars are mighty tasty and Soom butter is so good! Just make sure you keep them cold as they get melty when warm:)

    • MaryAnne

      ps…grabbed the recipes and fb like you

    • Solducky

      The cinnamon butter zucchini muffins!

    • Sarah

      Hey Solducky!

      Yes you must try those….that butter is mind blowing good:)

    • Miao Chen

      Nutty Blueberry Banana Waffles and Justins almond butter

      • sarah

        Good pick Miao:) Weekend waffles are my favorite and anything topped with justins is better!

    • Erica @ erica finds

      I love these companies. I would like the waffles but would be most likely to make the Peaches & Cream Cereal or Indulgent Bars

      • sarah O'Toole

        Hi Erica~ Those are all great choices so you can’t go wrong:) I vote the indigent bars!

    • Helga/billsn beaks

      I like the Nuttzo spinach shake recipe and I want to try the sunflower butter.

      • sarah

        Hi Helga! You have to try the Nuttzo spinach shake, I have it 2-3 times a week…its so tasty:)

    • Blessie Nelson

      My family would devour the nutty blueberry banana waffles and would like to try the cashew butter!

      • sarah

        Right! what family can resist a good waffle:)

    • Arena Thompson

      sunflower spring rolls and justins nut butter :)

      • sarah

        Thanks for stopping by Arena:) The spring rolls are one of my favorite summer recipes!

    • manda

      I would like to try the peaches and oats. And jason’s butter… anytype!

      • sarah

        Hi Manda:) Yes try the peaches N Oats and let us know how you like em:)

    • Karissa @ Vegan À La Mode

      Omg all of these nut butters look amazing!! I am especially intrigued by the cinnamon maca almond butter! My favorite out of this post is the 365 organic peanut butter. I buy the unsweetened and love it on oatmeal and in dates :) p.s. can’t wait to try your cookie recipe!!

      • Sarah

        Hi Karissa:) Yes they are all way to tasty! Let us know if you try the cookies…and make sure you have some almond milk handy when you do!

    • Felicia

      I would love to try the Once Again Sunflower Butter and the recipe that I am making tonight is the Sunflower Spring Rolls!

      • Peter Hagstrom

        Yahoo! Enjoy:) …sunflower butter is a great alternative to peanut butter if you eat it a lot, but also so good on the Sunflower Spring Rolls!

    • Kelly

      I am so excited to try a bunch of the recipes. I am going tomorrow to the supermarket so I can make the Nutty Blueberry Waffles. I just picked a ton of blueberries at our local organic blueberry farm. So I am sure it will be wonderful. I am also very interested in the Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter cookies. I have never tried Garbanzo Bean Flour. So that will be new and exciting.

    • Marg (Joy Shop FB)

      To be honest I never tried Nut Butters. I never knew they existed. All I ever had was natural crunchy peanut butter and I do love eating nuts (almonds, cashews) Thus, I would like to try Justin’s Almond Butter.

      Whenever, there is a potluck, I can never pass up on choc chip cookies. I will walk by a pie, brownies, squares, etc., on the table, but choc chip cookies — no way! I will have to try baking those peanut butter choc chip cookies! Marg

      • Peter Hagstrom

        Oh Marg, you’re in for a treat! Nut butters are the greatest – and I agree with you on the choc chip cookies, totally my weakness too:)

    • Marg

      Also, liked your fb page and shared it on my fb page: joy.shop.12

    • Terri Cole

      The peaches and cream oatmeal and the spring rolls are the two that struck my eye. Yum! Thanks for the giveaway! (I downloaded the recipes, liked the FB page and shared on FB.)

    • Karen Tanner

      The Cinnamon Red Maca Almond Butter has me intrigued!

    • Rust Hawk

      Great recipes! I’m going to first try the CHOCOLATE INDULGE BARS! I bet they’re delicious! I am most interested in the sesame butter.

    • bobop

      Hola! I’ve been reading your site for a long time now and finally got
      the courage to go ahead and give you a shout out from
      Dallas Tx! Just wanted to tell you keep up the good job!

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