Salad For Dinner.

We made it…

It’s December!

That means it’s time for our S&P Planner recap of November.

We had loads of fun…

And we took lots of photos to share :)




Grain bowl for lunch

Thank you

Homemade pizza for dinner


Ginger bread waffles


Eat local

Say Yes

Spruce up your water

Grain Free cookies

Sarah and Peter

Colorful grain bowl


Buckwheat crunch

Pumpkin mac

Food Matters

Pumpkin Pie


Tempeh Salad for dinner [2Pts] / Euro Sponge aka our new paper towels [5Pts] / Grain bowl, our go to lunch [2Pts] / Give a compliment on the daily [5Pts] / Homemade pizza/squash & pecans [3Pts] / Tatsoi, find it at your local farmers market [5Pts] / Waffles for dinner [1Pt] / Tea… not green, still counts ;) [1Pt] / Eating local for the day [5Pts] / Try to say yes before no [2Pts] / Lemon and ginger water [1Pt] / Always sharing recipes with SRS Members [2Pts] / Beach time aka taking time for us [1Pt] / Eating the rainbow with this rice bowl [3Pts] HEALTH-ADE… new favorite kombucha [4Pts] / Buckwheat, Sarah’s super-food of choice [2Pts] / Mac & Cheez with Pumpkin [4Pts] / Food Matters… Watch it for free this week [5pts] / Pumpkin Pie, gone in one day [5Pts] / Grateful for our journey and yes that’s an engagement photo:) [2Pts]

We got 69/90 for the November S&P planner, how did you do? *not all tasks are pictures!

Now for December, there are 95 points on the S&P Planner… our goal is to beat our last score! Who’s with us?!

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