This Real Food Story comes from a long time follower and now member of our Seasonal Recipe Subscription. Her name is Stacey originally from Indiana but transplanted to San Diego a few years ago. Here is her story.


I am originally from the Midwest where we are raised to be steak and potato kind of people. I never thought that one day I’d be giving up meat and dairy, especially after it was ingrained in me to drink milk at every meal! I recently went back to visit friends and family in Indiana and decided I would share some vegan recipes I had learned from Sarah and Peter with them. I was prepared to be hassled for my new way of eating, and I was. However, my good friend Lindsay was open to trying my meals.  I made the Black Bean Burger recipe for her and to my surprise she really enjoyed it! So much so that in the next two weeks I was in town we made it again, by her request, and not even a day after I had returned to San Diego she texted me proud to say she was making the black bean burgers AGAIN for herself! They are really delicious and leave me feeling full and satisfied without the bloated-sick feeling I used to get after eating a hamburger. I will definitely continue to share this recipe whenever I get the chance.


The recipe Stacey is talking about can be found Here. It’s part of our SRS but it is one that is included in your first Free Week!

Stacey forgot to take a picture of the Black Bean Burgers but she did share a picture of our Kidney Bean Pizza crust another popular recipe!

Thank you Stacey for your story. Anyone else ever get hassled for healthy eating? We would love to hear from you in the comments below!

Happy Cooking,

Sarah & Peter

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