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For those of you I don’t know I want to introduce myself, my name is Sarah and I am the owner of Cooking With CSA along with my fiancee Peter.

You can learn more about the company here. We have been wanting to start a blog for sometime now but really wanted it to have a purpose.  This past week we figured it out. This blog will be a way for us to better connect with you: our customers, friends and family!

We would love for you to share your food stories with us and allow us to share them with others, right here on this blog.

This is what we are thinking…

Each week we will feature one of your stories. This can be about introducing healthy food to your family or friends. Maybe you had a unique experience with one of our recipes or perhaps you’ve just started a CSA Subscription and want to share about the crazy vegetable you received.

We want to hear how your family reacted and what are you struggling with. Maybe you just loved one of our recipes and want to share :). Whatever it is we would love to hear from you. You can send us your story and then we will add it to our blog. We encourage you to comment on other peoples stories and let us know if something similar happened to you. Because lets face it eating healthy can be challenging and its always nice to have a little support.

You can send your stories directly to me (Sarah) just click here. I will let you know when I am going to post them, and I will also respond to you! We want to form a really close community and connect people who are trying to eat clean.  It might take a while to get the stories rolling in so in the mean time Peter and I will be sharing our stories of bringing healthy food to our friends and family, the ups and the downs :).

So today I want to share a story of mine!

* * * *

Back in 2010, I had just switched to a plant-based diet and was totally lost on what to eat, I was pretty much eating salads, grains and beans…over and over again.  I remember one night Peter invited me over to his place to have dinner, he had a new cookbook and was going to make me something from it.

I wasn’t expecting much, as this was still new to me, and I was focusing on all the things I couldn’t have as opposed to the things I could. I figured it was going to be some combination of vegetables, grains or beans. However, I was pleasantly surprised when he offered me a raw pecan burger! Not only was it the most delicious thing I had ever tasted but I was in awe that you could even create a “Burger” out of nuts!?! And a raw burger at that!

That lead me to toss out my weekly PB and J lunch for a more sophisticated Pecan Burger. Everyday I would look forward to lunch time, I was always telling my co-workers how tasty my nut burgers were…they always gave me a hard time. “I’ll stick to real burgers” they would say. But at last, one day the receptionist in our office asked if I would bring her a Pecan Burger to try. “Will I…I would love to!” I replied.  I was so excited and I wanted her to like it as much as I did, so I bought the expensive spelt bread, I got my favorite BBQ sauce, and got up extra early to make it before work so it would be fresh when she had it. I handed it over first thing in the morning,  she ended up taking her lunch out of the office that day, but I remember around 1pm receiving a text that said…” This is so good, spicy but I really like it”!  SCORE! One point for the healthy Pecan Burgers!

Getting your friends, family and even co-workers on the healthy eating wagon can be a challenge, but it sure does feel good once you do.

* * * *

That was a food success story but stay tuned for some healthy food failures, as cooking with kale and quinoa does not always go over so well.

Have you ever went out of your way trying to get your friends or family to eat healthy? Maybe not telling them a certain ingredient was in your recipe? How did that go over?

Stay tuned for lots of new resources this next week!

Happy Cooking


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