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Today is President’s Day (hence the Mt. Rushmore craziness)

I thought it would be fitting to talk about something we, being the health nuts that we are, think about from time to time. Do you ever find yourself asking…

“If only so and so would eat better. It’s not that hard, and it could help them so much!”

If you do, then you’re a lot like I am (and may even picture yourself high and mighty like you belong on Rushmore)


Too often, however, we think we can change people.

But the truth is… we can’t.

Only they can.


We can inspire. We can lead. We can show them how great we feel. This shouldn’t be obnoxious though, because nobody responds positively to that – us included. I hate it when someone comes at me with something they believe I’m doing wrong and then go on and tell me about the ‘right’ way to do it. Terrible approach, never worked, never will.

However, if I see something I like, I’m going to want it. So that’s what’s it’s really all about…

If you want to inspire people to live like you do, you need to sell it.

Healthy Lifestyle Collage

Be enthusiastic. Be open-minded. Be helpful. Be a role model.

Be the person who would inspire you.


Remember the old adage… “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear”

If they don’t show up, you can’t make progress. So live as energetic, happy and passionate as you can – and if they want that, maybe they’ll start asking you questions.

But hey, if they don’t, that’s their choice, and it’s important to respect that.

Sometimes this can hurt if it’s a loved one who you think really needs help. You may feel like you know the key to fixing their problems or even help them heal. They have their own journey, just like you have yours. I’ve been here and I know how powerless it can feel, but don’t let it get you down – there’s too many others who are open-minded and ready for it.


Keep your head up.

Keep making those green smoothies.

Show the world how simple & rewarding your lifestyle is.

What about you?

What’s your secret for inspiring others?

Any success stories?  Please Share :)



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