Getting Ready for Idea World Fitness BlogFest

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This week I thought it would be fun to share what we’re up to, as it’s front and center in our minds.  We’re headed to LA on Wednesday evening for Idea World Fitness BlogFest. This is going to be our first time at this conference, so we don’t really know exactly what to expect, but from the looks of it, it’s going to be pretty fun.

Some things we’re looking forward to

BlogFest: Thursday & Friday

  • Connecting with others in the space. We know a few people attending, but are excited to make some new friends.
  • The Opening Ceremonies… Brendon Burchard is speaking, and I joke with Peter about meeting him and him being like “Sarah, let me take you under my wing” ;)
  • Hearing all of the speakers and their advice on blogging! Peter and I are always looking for ways to better communicate our message and teachings, and these two days are jam packed with teachings on how to do that.

Fitness Convention: Saturday & Sunday

  • Working out with Jeanette Jenkins – one of Hollywood’s most sought after fitness experts
  • Working out and learning from local fitness expert Todd Durkin


Photo Credit Darling Magazine
Photo Credit Darling Magazine

Peter and I booked an apartment via Airbnb that is only 2.5 miles from the conference, so we’re going to walk over each morning. I’m pretty excited about this because 1). It means we don’t have to deal with traffic/parking and 2). The apartment has a full kitchen!!

We’re bringing our Blendtec and Juicer, so we can make sure we get our greens in each day, and will probably be making big salads for lunch. We’re also bringing some of our favorite Superfood Chocolate Cereal and coconut milk as well.

We’re going to be pretty busy with the convention, but as you know, I’m a sucker for the restaurants in LA, so here are some I have my eye on…

  • Donut Friend~ Peter’s only request is for a gluten-free & vegan doughnut (we know what you’re thinking: doughnuts at a fitness expo?!)
  • Pressed Juicery~ I want The Freeze (its like soft serve made from juice or almond milk)
  • Real Food Daily ~ My favorite vegan restaurant… ever!

Join in on the Fun

We’re on the social media team for Blogfest, so we’re going to be sharing a lot with you. We just did our first Periscope on Sunday and really liked it. So, if you’re using it too, you can find us by searching SarahandPeter.

We’ll also be using instagram and twitter.

If you’re going to Blogfest, leave a comment and let us know:) And for those of you not going, let us know what social media channel you like best!

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    • Coach Henness

      Very excited to meet you both!

    • Christine Rideout

      Have fun and safe travels! I live on Twitter and visit Facebook regularly. LOL

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