killer lunch

Ever since moving to Southern California there has been a great increase of 2 words in particular: ‘killer’ and ‘gnarly’.

A killer lunch is one that sets you up for success

Of course here, in the case of the ‘killer’ lunch, I don’t mean it literally, but rather creating a lunch that sets you up for a successful day of healthy eating.

In case you didn’t know, Monday thru Friday I go to an office job, where I work 8-5pm.

morning liquids

Sarah helps me by making my lunch the night before, and I clean up the kitchen from dinner while she’s doing so. Before we go to sleep, my lunch is pretty much ready to go in the morning… except for my breakfast of juice, tea and smoothie :)

Here’s what’s usually in my lunch:

  • green juice
  • small thermos with tea (usually green)
  • green smoothie
  • lunch (usually a big salad or grain bowl)
  • extra sauce, dressing or seasoning for the main attraction
  • fork or spoon
  • an apple (in case I get hungry)
  • pocket knife to cut apple
  • water bottle
  • jug of spring water

Peters killer lunch

What makes this lunch so killer?

It isn’t necessarily what’s ‘in’ the lunch; it’s the fact that you’re covering all your bases with it.

When I pack my lunch in the morning, I’m setting myself up for success. And when Sarah is helping me the night before, she’s contributing to my success as well.

I’ve been packing a killer lunch now for over 3 years. Before then, I would usually end up getting some mediocre salad or sandwich from Albertson’s, or worse, going to a Chinese place with my co-workers. A far cry from success.

The secret to packing a killer lunch?

Routine. The best lunches you’ll ever pack are the ones you planned and prepared for.

A killer lunch is one that you can get the most out of; one that’s going to tie you over for the whole day. You’ve got everything covered, from the main attraction, to additional seasoning/finishing touches, to water and snacks.

You pack a killer lunch by doing it every day. It becomes automatic.Then eventually, you can’t help but pack a lunch that’s remarkable.

You may even find your ‘killer’ approach is flowing into other areas of your life as well (killer pancakes, smoothies, back massages, etc.)

Here’s what your routine might look like…

  1. wake up early
  2. shuffle your way into the kitchen and put a pot of water on the stove, cut a slice of lemon and make yourself some warm lemon water
  3. make a green juice, green smoothie, or both
  4. pack your lunch (the one you made after dinner last night)
  5. during work, figure out what you’re going to have for dinner and lunch tomorrow. Make a shopping list
  6. after work, go to the grocery store and pick up stuff for dinner and lunch/juice/smoothie tomorrow
  7. make dinner and enjoy. Throw together lunch for the next day and then cleanup the kitchen

Routine Saving Tips:

  • If you don’t mind leftovers, and your short on time. Try making enough dinner for the next day’s lunch
  • Have you’re partner do the dishes & cleanup while you make lunch for tomorrow

Eating healthy is hard work in the beginning. You’ve got to wake up early and plan ahead, but eventually you’ll be so used to it that you’re friends will be envious. But that’s what you get when you’re dedicated and committed to your health and feeling your best.

Get that lunch made tonight, so tomorrow you can have a killer lunch too :)

What’s your routine? How do you pack a killer lunch?

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    • J. Lahotski

      Peter, I’ve seen your lunch-packing skills and they are quite impressive. Thanks for the inspiration!

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