Healthy Holiday Essentials 2 

We used to go way over board when it came to holiday travel!

We would pack our entire pantry (…and I am not kidding:)

Things like mustard, flax oil, wheat grass powders, hemp protein…even cooking tools would find their way into our suitcase!? We are really passionate about maintaining our healthy lifestyle when we are traveling, thank goodness over these past few years we have toned it down a little. Now we pack only the essentials and still survive.

We are currently getting ready to head home for the holidays (Peter and I are both from Seattle, WA), so I thought now would be the perfect time to show you what we are packing…

1 – Juice

OK we don’t pack this, but we get up 20 minutes early to make green juices to take to the airport with us and drink before our flight.

2 – Sprouted Nuts

I get really hungry and snacky on the airplane, so I always pack these as a tasty treat for the trip (I love these things…have you tried them?!)

3 – Apples

These are another one of our go-to snacks, they travel well and are so nutritious.

4 – Water Bottles

We each always bring a full water bottle and try to drink it in the airport before security. And then after security we buy a few bottles to refill our own for the plane ride. One time we were on a flight and couldn’t get enough water, so now we always bring double the amount we think we will need.

5 – Magazine’s

We always bring books, but it’s nice to flip through a fun new magazine. Some of our favorites include: VegNews, Runners World, anything health and food related or a good travel magazine!

6 – Cell Phone

Obviously right:) We use our phones to find health food stores to stock up at when we land. We also use them to find healthy restaurants and yoga studios to try while visiting.  This year in Seattle we are planning trips to: Chaco Canyon Cafe (Please come to Encinitas), Portage Bay Cafe, Pizza Pi. And hopefully some yoga classes at Shakti in Ballard.

7 – Snack Bars

I pretty much hate shopping for energy bars, snack bars, protein bars, whatever you want to call them! And that’s because they are so sweet and full of… WAY to many ingredients. But I do make an exception for travel, some of the ones we like are: SquareBars, Larabars and Cliff Kids Bars.

8 – Green Powders

We don’t bring these when we go home because Peter’s lovely parents have a juicer they let us use (extra point’s for Hotel Hagstrom)! But when we stay in a hotel we like to bring these and add them to water, coconut water or even have smoothie bars add them to our drinks. It can be hard to get in your greens when traveling, so these powders are super helpful.

9 – Digestive Enzymes

Like I said above, we have relaxed a little when it comes to traveling and healthy eating, we still make a green juice every day but we usually eat things we normally would not, and that can cause some extra work for our digestive system. Digestive enzymes lighten the load and help to ease any stomach discomfort.

10 – Running Shoes

Even though we are going to freeze our winnebago’s off in Seattle, we still plan on getting a few runs in. Running and even walking is the cheapest/easiest way to stay active while on vacation. It’s also a great way to see new cities. Peter and I have been able to explore areas we would have otherwise missed if it wasn’t for our running shoes.

11 – Vitamin D

When visiting places like Seattle, with little to no sun this time of year, it’s important to get your Sunshine Vitamin. We bring our vitamin D with us, as it’s small and easy to pack. Vitamin D affects your mood and energy, 2 things you don’t want to go south especially when on vacation:)


Ok Your Turn: What are your holiday travel essentials. What did we forget?!


    2 replies to "Our Healthy Holiday Travel Essentials!"

    • Sandy Herman

      We always take along (when flying) something to sanitize the tray table, and most importantly an extra pillow case to cover the seat back to protect it from whomever sat there before us! It’s a perfect fit. Back in the day, airlines used to have a clean velcroed ceat cover for each flyer, that no longer happens. We take as many precautions as we can with immune suppressed family members! Happy Traveks!

    • Sarah

      Thanks Sandy, sounds like you guys go prepared! We can appreciate a good planner:)

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