Good Bye October, Hello November!

We wanted to do a little re-cap of last months S&P Planner. Let’s see how we did with a brief over view of some of the days…

Day 1: Plan out your meals for tomorrow: This one was pretty easy as I always have food and our next meals on the brain :)

Day 2: Ask the produce guy what their favorite fruit or vegetable is and buy it: The produce guy aka our farmers nephew said this was his favorite fruit….a sapote! We had never had one before so we were pretty excited to try it. I was dying to cut it open….Peter deemed it not ready, I insisted…..he was right, it wasn’t ripe…..when am I going to listen?


Day 8: Teach a new kitchen skill to your kids: Total failure :( I really wanted to make a video for kids but we just didn’t get around to it that day, but we did teach a class the following weekend, better late than never right ;)

Kids and Parents Making salad

Day 9: Create your own salad dressing: Happens every night with us, but this month I really got into grinding pumpkin seeds for creamy salad dressings! 

SRS Salad

Day 11: Make a gluten-free dessert: We made The Grain Free Chocolate Chip Cookies from The SRS. YUM!

Grain Free Cookies

Day 12: Share something you are grateful for with friends or family: I said you guys! Our online community :)

Day 28: Get 7 hours of sleep: Done! We have been on the sleep train getting 7, 8 even 9 hours! I blame fall. We just can’t get out of bed for our 5:30am runs, but I must say the extra sleep has been nice ;)

Day 29: Clean out your cupboards, get rid of that Old Nasty Crap: Our spice drawer never looked so good!

Before After

Day 31: Skip the candy: Make your own healthy Halloween Treat: No candy here….what about you, how much candy did you have? We made Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies with a fresh sugar pumpkin!

OK so we didn’t complete them all. We aren’t perfect, but most of them we nailed :)))

We had such a great time with this planner and hope you did as well! The point is to show that simple things can improve your health. You don’t have to make huge drastic changes, the little things you do every day add up.

Now onto The November’s Planner…..We took your advice and added points. The actions are valued at 1-5 points. Keep track and at the end of the month let us know how many points you earned. There are 90 points possible, let us know in the comments or on our Facebook page and we will share the person with the most points on the blog.

We think you guys can get at least 75 points:) Let the healthy challenge begin! 

OK take a look at the November calendar and let us know in the comments below what you think will be the most difficult action to complete?!


    3 replies to "Healthy Eating Challenge: Let’s see how we did…."

    • Sarah

      Hardest thing I think is 3 ways to bring in more money and making a gluten free pie! But I am up for the challenge:)

      • Theresa OLMSTEAD

        Make it with an almond flour crust. I make pumpkin pie, pumpkin cheesecake, so good with an almond flour crust! I also make pumpkin cranberry muffins with almond flour.

        • Sarah

          Theresa yum! We made a Thai pizza tonight with almond flour so good! Can you share some of your recipes:) Maybe in our Facebook group. I would love to try those Muffins:)

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