HB45: Kathleen Ventura - Finding the Right Business Coach


Such a fun episode this week!

Kathleen is so full of life, love and energy – you are going to LOVE it. The topic is how to find the perfect business coach for you, and as one herself, Kathleen has some spot-on insights that are sure to help you through this important decision.

Join us today as we discuss finding a good one, when you should (and shouldn’t) hire one, and how long you should meet for. And at the end, we dive into some foodie/lifestyle discussion that helped finish up the show with a breath of fresh air!


The Key to Discovering the Perfect Fit

Start paying attention where you hang out. Keep a lookout in Facebook Groups and listen to who your friends are talking about. Following the scent towards the right person for you is the most natural and direct way to do it.

Deciding on the right person

Most coaches offer a ‘Discovery Call’ before you book a package with them. Make sure to ask if they can actually coach you during that call.

If they require a one-off call, do it, because you’ll get a sense of how you’ll work together on a more personal level.

What to look for

A good coach will help you create clear concise measurable objectives & specific strategies to achieve those. Here are a couple examples of clear objectives…

  • Be featured on 5 major media publications this year
  • Bring on 6 private clients before June

When you should hire one

When is a good time for a beginner entrepreneur to hire a coach?

…before you even invest in a website! A coach will help you identify what’s important to you. A coach needs to meet you where you are, and will help you craft a comfortable approach. IE, maybe you don’t even want to be on Facebook, or on video?

When you shouldn’t

Not if you’re hoping they’re going to be the answer to all your problems. They aren’t going to ‘change your world’ without your effort. Your problems won’t vanish without you putting in the work.

Coaches are also good when you’re on the upswing, even if you’re already having success. The right fit for you will help amplify your results.

How long should you meet for?

It really depends where you’re at with your business. It could be 1 session or even 6 months. Sometimes 3 months isn’t enough if you’re just starting to hit your stride though.

The faster you’re willing to do the work and implement the actions, the quicker you’ll see the payoff.

Links to Resources we mentioned

Adventure Cycling Association Kathleen and her husband road 4,500 miles across the US, this is the resource they used for their route

Work With KathleenMore info on how you can work with Kathleen, and learn more about her style

Private Coaching6 month private coaching package, her recommended duration, especially if you’re just starting out

Intensives More in-depth private coaching where you will “spend the entire day busting through blocks and limiting beliefs, laying out business strategy and evaluating the overall objectives for your business moving forward!”

Kathleen’s FB Group

Our Facebook Group Unstoppably Healthy & Wealthy Entrepreneurs


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