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If you’re just getting started with healthy eating, or are trying to get healthy and need some guidance, this episode is going to be a huge help.

Today we’re talking about easy diet upgrades and healthier alternatives you can switch to. We’re also going to into dive foods to eat more of AND which ones you should avoid the most. Finally, we’re covering which equipment you should & shouldn’t upgrade right away, and we’ve also got some bonus tips on where you might struggle.

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Look at your current diet (what can you improve? What is lacking?)

  • Rather than cutting out, try switching to healthier alternatives
    • Fruit smoothies to Green smoothies
    • Coffee to Green Juice
    • Store bought desserts to homemade low sugar desserts
    • Dessert 4 times per week to 2 times
  • Switching to an entirely new diet doesn’t work
    • Enhancing your current diet is the smartest approach you can take
    • You’re 95% more likely to stick with it, because it’s basically the same
    • Focus on little upgrades, one at a time

Foods everyone could add more of

  • Greens
    • Lettuces, hardy varieties, bitter varieties, local varieties
  • Water
    • H2O + vegetables like cucumbers and fruits like tomatoes
  • Seeds
    • Easier to digest than nuts, but also have lots of protein
  • Sweet Potatoes
    • Filling, low glycemic, delicious, versatile
  • Superfoods
    • Cacao, ginger, turmeric + black pepper, green tea + 1,000 others
  • Local Produce
    • The fresher the better

Foods everyone could eat less of (try to start eliminating these)

  • Bread
    • Causes constipation, high calorie to nutrient ratio
    • Always have pre-cooked grains on-hand like quinoa, brown rice or millet
    • Grain-free wraps are better and becoming more widely available
  • Chips
    • Simple tortilla chips or whole sweet potato chips with minimal ingredients only once a week is a good goal
  • Energy Bars
    • Ultimate ‘health’ convenience food, sugary, processed, most aren’t real food, should only be relied on in a pinch
  • Dairy
    • Don’t really need it, may work against your health efforts
  • Caffeinated Products
    • Coffee + energy drinks
    • Kick coffee by improving your diet first. Natural, sustainable energy comes from a healthy body
  • Sugar
    • Sugar is in almost everything these days. Try to reduce your daily sugar as much as possible

Use the equipment you have before buying new

  • Blender
  • Food Processor
    • No – Not if it’s one of those tiny 2-cup Cuisinart’s from back in the day
  • Juicer
  • Knives
    • No – If you don’t have good knives you need to upgrade ASAP. Bad knives will make you hate cutting stuff up, and that just doesn’t work when eating healthy. Here’s a simple set we’d recommend: http://amzn.to/1SwVelL
  • Cutting Boards
    • If you have big ones, even if they’re plastic you should keep them and eventually upgrade to wood ones. If you have small ones, you NEED to get at least 1 big wood one.

Where you might struggle

  • Eating Out
    • You can still eat out, be a stickler for ingredients and don’t be afraid to make special requests – the customer is always right, even if you feel like you’re being a nuisance
  • Cravings
    • Good episode for reducing sugar: HB08 Mindfulness: How we justify sugar
    • Good episode for handling cravings: HB18 Rebound: How to get back on the health wagon
    • Be nice to yourself
    • Always plan your food and know when you’ll need a snack. Getting hungry is a vulnerability for cravings and impulse eating, so you’re standards won’t be as high
    • Drink water before eating if you don’t believe you should be feeling hungry – otherwise go for a healthy snack
    • Don’t eat dinner TOO early, otherwise you’ll want to eat a ‘feel good’ snack after a hard day’s work
  • Friends/Family


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