HB42: How to Cook with Your Spouse


Hey There Health Beet Listener!

We’ve got a juicy podcast for you today and want to help you get your partner into the kitchen! Not only is it a great way for the two of you to bond (hello relationship builder), but it will save you a lot of time.

We also have a little challenge for you, we want you and your spouse to set aside some time this week to make our super simple pho recipe, and then snap a picture of the process or the final product.

Are you willing?

It will be fun:) 9 Ingredient Pho Recipe + Shopping List is below…


Why cooking with your spouse is so wonderful

  • Bonding – use the time spent in the kitchen to connect and work together as a team.
  • Saves Time – 4 hands work a lot faster than 2.
  • Unwind – turn on some music and use cooking dinner as a time to relax and update each other on your day.
  • Get Healthy – making dinner is always healthier than eating out. It’s a great way to get strong and healthy together.

How to make it work

  • Figure out who’s best at what?
    • Who can multi-task ?
    • Who will be a better lead ?
    • Who will be a better assistant ?
  • Just Get Started
    • Maybe you don’t know who’s best at what; take your best shot and the roles will come with time.

Have a plan

  • Get a recipe – don’t try to get your spouse cooking with no plan. Have a recipe or at least one in mind when going into it.
  • Make sure you have all the ingredients – plan ahead of time and do some shopping if you need to.
  • Set a timer for when you need to start dinner – it’s easy to get caught up in your work, so we suggest having a time agreed upon for when you’re going to start dinner together.

Where you might struggle

  • Getting your spouse to help – maybe offer them something in return for their help.  How can you persuade them to get cooking – maybe a back massage, or offer to make them a sweet treat?
  • Cooking in a small kitchen – make the best of it, sometimes you just have to smile and laugh it off.
  • Disagreeing about something/ kitchen arguments –  If you get into an argument, maybe someone needs to take a little break and then come back to the kitchen.
  • When recipes don’t turn out – remember it’s nobody’s fault. And try not to take it personal. Also remember you won’t starve, you may end up having cereal and smoothies for dinner, but it happens.  If the recipe isn’t totally awful, figure out what could make it better or what you would do differently next time you try it.
  • DISHES – Whoever does most of the cooking shouldn’t be responsible for all the dishes.  However, at the end of the day, no one wants to feel like they’re doing all of the work. So help each other out when you can. Don’t leave your partner in the kitchen alone;)


Download the recipe + shopping list and get your spouse in the kitchen with you!

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But don’t forget to share a picture of you two, or the finished product in our FB Group.


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And Good Luck in the Kitchen!

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