HB41: Cassy Berthiaume - Mentor for Non-Geeky Entrepreneurs


Hi There Health Beet Listener!

I’m super excited for today’s show because we have the wonderful Cassy Berthiaume on the podcast. If you don’t know Cassy, you are missing out.

Cassy is a web designer and a mentor for non-geeky entrepreneurs. She has always designed websites and been a geek, but it was only in July 2015 that she decided to turn her passion into a career. Since then, she left her ”normal” job and is now working with people from all over the globe.

She especially loves connecting with female entrepreneurs who are struggling to get their businesses online with techie ease – she wears the nerdy glasses for them. She’s also a French Canadian, a singer-songwriter and a proud mother of two beautiful dogs.

I met Cassy inside a Facebook group and knew I had to meet her. She’s super nice, down to earth and really talented!


  • Challenges Cassy faces as a non-native English speaker
    • Getting over the fear of speaking – she worried her clients wouldn’t understand her.
  • The 411 on Cassy’s challenge #THESHOWUPCHALLENGE
    • A 5 day challenge to help you be more visible online.
    • This is the exact method Cassy used to quit her job and get paying clients without selling a thing.
  • Tips for how you can make your own challenge successful
    • You have to show up. Cassy suggests spending 1 hour a day posting in FB groups.
    • Provide excellent value, don’t hold anything back.
    • Join FB groups and be an active member – give more than you take.
  • The Non-Geeky Entrepreneur Academy: Cassy’s 8 week program
    • A great resource for people who are just getting started in their business
    • Get help with building your business from the ground up; the brand and the website.
  • Fun facts about Cassy
    • She is a French Canadian – French is her first language.
    • She is a singer/ songwriter – I wish we would have asked her to sing for us;)
    • She likes to snowmobile.
    • She loves animals – she has 2 dogs and bunny rabbits.
    • She has a great sense of humor – we added this one but if you listen to the show, it comes through.
  • How Cassy stays healthy
    • Yoga classes
    • Afternoon walks
    • Snowmobile rides with her boyfriend
    • She signs off around 4-5 pm on client projects to make dinner.
    • She’s working on eating and drinking more water in 2016.


Cassy’s Website

The Non Geeky Entrepreneurs Academy

Join The Show Up Challenge – Part 2

The Fab Entrepreneurs – Cassy’s Facebook Group

Jordana Jaffe – I can’t seem to find the course Cassy mentioned, but this is Jordana’s site


Thanks for listening! And thank you Cassy for joining us!

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