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We have a great show lined up for you today, discussing everything that’s inspiring in our lives right now – particularly books & podcasts. We had a listener ask us what lights our fires and this is what we came up with.

It’s so important to feed your creativity and nurture your interests. Hopefully today’s show (and the detailed list below) will help provide you with some much needed inspiration as well :)

Inspiring Books & Magazines

The Magic of Thinking Big both Sarah AND Peter put this book on their list. It’s a little retro but it’s a great book to expand your perception. It has a great table of contents and you can almost hear his voice when you read it. Tim Ferriss is also a big fan.

The Miracle Morning written by Hal Elrod, this is a wonderful book to inspire you when feeling down. He’s got a great story and also inspired a whole podcast we did (HB02: Why You Should Start Waking Up Earlier). This book has helped us get fired up first thing in the morning and ready to take on your day.

The Dip written by Seth Godin, this book helps you put the ‘entrepreneur roller coaster’ into perspective. It’s “A Little Book That Teaches You When To Quit (and when to stick)”. Sometimes your thing or service doesn’t take off, and this provides an insightful look at that. Both Sarah & Peter have both read it, it’s straight-forward, no BS, straight up helpful.

Healing Back Pain: The Mind Body Connection a lot of us entrepreneurs suffer from back pain due to sitting all day, and this book is helpful to understand why it may not seem to get better as quickly as you’d like. The author says most of all back pain is due to repressed emotions rather than the actual structural problems often pointed out by health professionals.

Homestead a memoir Peter recently read about a couple who build a homestead way out in the middle of Oregon. It’s older and doesn’t have a lot of reviews. Peter actually bought it at a 2nd hand bookstore on a whim – it looked interesting. He loves to be outdoors and wishes to have a cabin out in the wilderness one day.

Broken Open: How Difficult Times Can Help Us Grow a book Sarah read about 18 months ago. It’s a memoir with a lot of different stories showing how we all have difficult times in our lives but when they break us open, we become vulnerable and better people. There’s always a positive outlook in terrible events, and this book is a great way to remember that.

Backpacker Magazine Peter’s favorite magazine to help plan for upcoming hiking/camping trips in remote parts of the world. There’s lot of great advice and beautiful pictures.

Organic Avenue: Recipes for Life, Made with Love one of Sarah’s favorite cookbooks. Lots of juices, smoothies and overall great inspiration for new recipes and flavor combinations.

Outside Magazine everything outdoors for Peter to dream about.

Backwoods Home Magazine Peter feels slightly embarrassed about this one, but he loves to learn about living in the wilderness.

Inspiring Podcasts

The Smart Passive Income Podcast big surprise, 2 entrepreneurs who love Pat Flynn and all of his good-natured helpful content! He’s down to earth, always looking for a win-win for himself and his audience and is always sharing someone Else’s story that is super inspiring.

The Get Paid Podcast Claire and Val are top of the line. Sarah loves this podcast (Peter hasn’t listened yet..boo) because they always ask questions she’s actually interested in. They waste no time in getting down to the bottom line. There’s no sugar-coating and they have great guests on.

Achieve Your Goals this makes the list because Hal gives you no excuses, has a great attitude and is non-stop inspiring.

One Part Podcast by Jessica Murnane. Peter originally shared it with Sarah, thinking she’d like, and she said “eh”. Then she listened to it again and totally digs it. Her guests are fresh, questions are great and it’s not just business – which is nice.

The Tim Ferriss Show Peter finds this podcast super inspiring. The guests and focus is all over the place, but it’s highly interesting and good for a listen every once in a while.

The James Altucher Show not originally on our lists but somehow we got talking about him. James is character, he’s ultra smart, quick witted and not the least bashful. Check it out sometime for some seriously unexpected conversation.

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