HB37: Living a Free Life with Nicole Connolly


The podcast is back with Season 2! And Peter and I could not be happier. If you’ve been waiting, sorry to leave you hanging.

We’re kicking off the 2nd season with our new friend Nicole Connolly. She is SO cool and laid back – you’re going to love her!

Not only that, she’s been very successful teaching people how to live a laptop lifestyle.

Meet Nicole

Nicole Connolly is a full-time traveler, online entrepreneur and chief Freedom Junkie.  In 2012 Nicole and her husband Michael sold everything they owned to travel the world indefinitely.  Now, 4 years and 45 countries later they are still living a life of adventure!  Nicole has built her own online empire and now teaches others how to do the same through her course, Quit the Cubicle.


  • How Nicole went from owning a day spa & working long hours to traveling the world (45 countries so far!) and starting each day without an alarm clock
  • The best advice for working with your spouse
  • Traveling with kids and pets
  • How you can live your own “Freedom Junkie Lifestyle”
  • Friendliest & most beautiful places to travel
  • The low-down on Australia
  • Info on Nicole’s newest course: Quit the Cubicle (which sounds amazing!)


Nicole’s Downloadable for Getting Started

Quit The Cubical – Nicole’s new course

Nicole’s Facebook Group

The Seasonal Diet Facebook Group

Freedom Junkies Instagram

Quit The Cubicle Nicole Connolly Entrepreneur Laptop Lifestyle


Thank you so much for coming back for Season 2.

We hope to make this season even better than the first.

And thank you so much Nicole for joining us. We can’t wait to hang when you come to Carlsbad next month.

See Ya Next Week on The Health Beet ;)

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