HB34 Entrepreneurs: Improve Your Health Without Sacrificing Your Business


Hola Health Hustler!

Today we’ve got a great show lined up with a few things you can do today to improve your health that don’t take too much time. Sarah and I truly believe you can have amazing health while running a successful business, it just takes consistent effort in a few areas, which overall, isn’t too much of a commitment. Your health is totally worth it, and feeling your best is just around the corner – you got this!

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Common disbelief that you can’t do it all – Recap to last week’s episode HB33: The problem with putting your health on hold until after you ‘Make It’. Today we’re telling you that you can have it all: great health and a growing business.

Tips for working out – Get up earlier so you don’t take away from your workout hours. We don’t recommend missing workouts because you always become more efficient afterwards. Working out in the am is essential for us, as we aren’t good at squeezing it in towards the end of the day. We actually did a similar episode on this topic a few months back: HB02 Inspiration: Why you should start waking up earlier – using Hal Elrod’s book The Miracle Morning to help us do just that.

Buy a bigger water bottle – Less time refilling – something Peter actually needs to upgrade as his is only 16oz. Going along with this is to drink more water in general – it’s an easy way to boost your mood, energy & digestion.

Start your day with something green – Always. For us this is green juice – either made right in the morning or in the evening before bed. Making juice only takes 15min to make & cleanup. For us, this replaces a cup of coffee & has 1000X the nutritional value, which optimizes your body’s performance (also like our multi-vitamin).

Upgrade your workstation – Sitting is the new smoking. Get yourself standing – we built one for ourselves at the house. We did covered this a while back in HB10 Mobility: Why you should sit less and how to do it. Also try Varidesk, which is height adjustable so you can sit or stand for just a few hundred bucks.

Ditch the junk food – Make the switch to better ingredients. Shop at a health food store to make the buying process simpler. Not everything is super healthy, but their standards are far better than a standard supermarket chain. Also, cook more – we’ll get into a whole lot more of this down in the near future, but cooking more in general helps avoid junk food – dinners, snacks, lunches, whatever you can do helps – a lot!

Schedule days when you work outside the house & breaks the routine sometimes – Jog to a nearby park. Walk your neighborhoods and find new streets. Take the opportunity to rest your mind and take a break from your work. Many people find inspiration & new ideas through exercise. Going outside and getting fresh air and sunshine are vital to our bodies & minds – releasing positive endorphin’s and synthesizing Vitamin D for better spirits. Work from a coffee shop, the library, a co-working space.

Join a mastermind – Not only is it great for brainstorming business ideas – it’s also a perfect way to create community – which keeps us fulfilled in our lives. This can be virtual or in person, but really helps to keep yourself surrounded by like minded peeps. You might find some people in our FB Group.


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Thanks so much for tuning into The Health Beet, and we’d love to know… What’s your biggest struggle when it comes to balancing work and healthy eating?

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