HB33 Entrepreneurs: The Problem with Putting Your Health on Hold Until AFTER You ‘Make It’


Today marks the first episode we’re dedicating to Entrepreneurs/Online Business Professionals who know all about the hustle.

We’ve  seen so many entrepreneurs who are just getting started, so passionate about their business, log the long hours, skip meals and snack on junk food just to get through the first 1-2 years.

The results?

Not So Pretty… illness, weight-gain & depression.  Health is crucial for all of us, but especially new entrepreneurs who really want to give it their all and make it happen.

I’ve been there…

  • “I thought if we could just get this project out we’d really blow up and wouldn’t have to work so hard”.
  • Or… “this is going to be the program everyone wants”.

But as you probably know, or have heard, online business is usually a long slow growth. If it were a race it’d be a marathon… actually, an ultra marathon. Not a sprint.

Over and over again we hear successful entrepreneurs say you have to put in the work, grind and hustle, giving it ALL you’ve got.

What happens is health gets put on the back-burner. You’ll get to it when you have more time, more money and when your business is more stable – you tell yourself.

In today’s show, we cover why so many people have that mindset, and we share a few small things you can do right now. Before & While you make it!

Also!  In the following weeks, we’ll be sharing actionable things you can implement to live a little healthier, while still logging the hours in your business. We hope you find these coming episodes helpful and inspirational.


Why it’s sooo easy to fall into the mindset of “Once I make it, THEN I’ll take care of myself”

  • Guilt – you feel bad about spending time on yourself.
  • Time – you have a timeline of how long until you’re making money with your business and you don’t want to delay it.
  • Comparison – you see and hear from others who hustle constantly and seem to be doing okay.

The problem with waiting to take care of your health

  • Your business will never make it if you don’t have your health. If you’re sick, you won’t be able to work, or at least not create your best work.  You’re not invincible, and a successful business isn’t so great if you feel like crap all the time.
  • You’ll never have more time. It’s easy to say “Once I make it I’ll have more time & money”, and you might, but usually you have to create the time.
  • It will be a lot harder to re-create those healthy habits. If you put off eating well and exercising for 2 years, it’s going to be a lot harder to get back into the habit of taking care of yourself.

Easy things you can do today

  • Exercise from home. Spend 30 minutes walking or running in your neighborhood. Look online for at home workouts.
  • Add vegetables to every meal. Try it! Add veggies to breakfast, lunch & dinner.
  • Get out of the house – shut down once a week and do something active with a friend or partner.


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Thanks for listening, and hey – remember to take breaks & care for yourself. It’s needed and key to avoid burnout. Be sure to come back next week for more tips on how to get started!

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