HB30: Does a vegan lifestyle make healthy eating easier?


Today we are throwing around the V Word!

Vegan – someone who doesn’t eat or use animal products.

If you’ve been following us for awhile, you know we went vegan in early 2011 and it had a profound effect on our lives. It changed us for the better, and we couldn’t be happier. That being said, I want you to know that The Seasonal Diet is filled with awesome people who don’t all follow a vegan diet, most are vegetarian and some carnivores.  Our motto is follow the diet that makes you feel best. The goal is health, but today we wanted to talk about if being vegan makes eating healthy in general easier… and well, we think it does!


  • Being vegan forces you to look at ingredients – you have to be more aware of the ingredients that are in products and recipes. You start to realize dairy and sugar are in things they really don’t need to be in, like bread, or sugar in condiments.
  • Decisions come from a compassionate place –  It’s no longer just about you and your health. This one might be a hard one to grasp if you’re not vegan, because personally I don’t know if I would have understood it beforehand either. But if you live a life of compassion,  it’s easy to pass on the bacon cheeseburger. You feel more at peace with skipping the burger. It’s not so much about missing out, its more like I’m going to spare that meat in the name of a cow or the environment.
  • You’re eating mostly plants – which naturally produces better health results. When you eat vegan, you’re more likely to eat a lot of plants, as recipes rely on them rather than animal products.
  • The healthier you get, the more you can accomplish and do – More energy, quicker recovery time. Not as tired, weighted down. When you have more energy, cooking dinner is a lot easier and happens more often.
  • Raises consciousness which also correlates with health – More aware of ingredients, of how things make you feel, of others, or the planet.

Ending Note – you can take it too far (orthorexia), Now this episode was a little tricky for us to decide on, because well, we don’t love labels – they remind us of gated communities, including some and excluding others. The most important thing is that you listen to your body and eat foods that make you feel your best.

We wanted to have this discussion because we believe when you come from a vegan lifestyle, healthy eating can be much easier to sustain.


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