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Hey There Health Beet Listeners!

We are back with another episode on… Losing Weight.

If you just can’t seem to figure it out, or struggle with those pesky 5-10 pounds, then this show is for you.  We’re going to share things you can do right away to see results, things that burn fat and speed up your metabolism so you can get started right away. And then we’re going to show you how to create health habit so you don’t find yourself needing to lose weight quickly ever again.

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  • Eating when hungry- Seems obvious, but you should only be eating when you’re hungry. Skipping breakfast, starting with hydration and then moving to something green.
  • Juicing – starting your day with greens. Green Juice or Green Smoothie. This will help you crave healthier foods rather than sweets. It will also jump-start your digestion and help eliminate waste;)
  • 2 meals a day-  We highly recommend giving the 2 meals a day method we talk about in the show a try. This gives your body a break and allows it to fully digest your meals before adding more. Very similar to intermittent fasting.
  • Eating more plants- This is the best way to get more fiber into your diet. Try adding an entree salad into your daily diet. Also, increase the size of the salad – use half a head of lettuce and shop locally for the freshest variety.
  • Cutting back on sugar- In order to slim down, cut out processed sugars and eat low glycemic fruits like green apples, berries and dark chocolate (70% or higher) for a treat.
  • 1 day juice cleanse- For increased weight-loss try doing a 1-day juice cleanse. Just make sure the majority of your juice is made from leafy greens and not fruit. Also make sure you are getting enough juice – we recommend following a plan. 
  • Moving in the morning- Move your body as soon as you can. This will give you more energy throughout the day and allow you to burn more calories. We don’t recommend intense work outs, just some form of movement, cardio and strength training are all good options.
  • Adding digestive aids to your diet- Add some boosters to help speed up the process. Things like ginger, aloe vera, peppermint, turmeric and parsley are all great options.


Juicers we have & recommend

How to make juice without a blender

Detox for Women – Book recommended in the post

The Seasonal Diet– Our website

Crazy Sexy Diet– Book talks about 1-day juice cleanse

Project Juice – Juice cleanse you can order online

Free Private Facebook Group – full of members and people looking to lose weight and get healthy


Eating more greens is essential for losing weight fast (going the natural route). Today we’re sharing a new video highlighting the process of creating the perfect salad and how we go about it.

how to make the perfect salad

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