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Hey there, healthy cook!

Sarah and I have a fabulous show lined up for you today. This is for you if you’re hesitant to jump in the kitchen at the end of the day and make new recipes. I haven’t had the most creative career in the kitchen when it comes to forging my own recipes – I’ve always been the type to use a recipe and follow it to a T so I get the same results every time.

If you’re full of confidence and fear no recipes, we have a great resource that we want to share at the end of this post, called The Dinner Experience – this is basically how we like to wind-down at the end of the day, make some food and enjoy the whole process, stress-free.


Episode Overview

  • Finding new recipes to start with
  • Setting aside time to develop your skills
  • Discovering what you like and how to make it yourself
  • Criticism: how to deal with it
  • How to have more fun in the kitchen and why that’s important

Links to Resources We Mentioned

The Free SD Recipe Section – great spot for new ideas and healthy recipes

Member’s SD Recipe Area – 300+ recipes inside the community

Crazy Sexy Kitchen – Sarah’s Favorite Cookbook

Peas and Thank You – Her 2nd fave

1,000 Vegan Recipes – Peter’s Favorite Cookbook

Free Facebook Group – where to post your current recipes to get some improvement ideas

Whole Foods Market – to find local cooking classes simply search your city name + ‘cooking class’ in Google to find them!

PCC Natural Markets – link to PCC’s cooking classes in the Seattle Area

This Week’s Member Resource

Next Monday, August 31st we’ll be covering Cooking Essentials: what you need, what you don’t and how to upgrade the current stuff you have.


Sarah and I will be broadcasting live @ 6:00pm (pst) in the SD Community! We encourage you to tune in and get your questions answered on the spot!

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Episode Downloads

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the dinner experience

Thanks for listening, we’ll see you next week!

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