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Hello, my fellow Rockstar!

Eating healthy at work can be one of the most difficult things for us to overcome (right after dealing with our family & friends). Today we’d like to provide some support in this area. This is something that both Sarah and I have worked hard at, and it doesn’t have to be drudgery. Becoming a rockstar at your job means owning your lunch, and packing it the night before. There are many other key points in this episode, but bringing your own meal/snacks will pay-off so much more than caving in and going out to lunch – we promise!

Enjoy the show, and feel free to post any questions you have below…

Episode Overview

  • Saying ‘no’ at your workplace when you first make the switch
  • Bringing your own food
  • Water & hydration goals
  • Sharing & teaching (taking it to the next level)
  • Dealing with birthdays

Links to resources we mentioned

HB11: Dude You’re Not Drinking Enough Water (episode on the importance of hydration)

The water bottles we want

The Seinfeld Episode Where Elaine Eats Too Much Birthday Cake (a preview of it on Youtube :)

Our Private Facebook Group (open all & great for connecting with people trying to make healthier choices)

This Week’s Habit Hack

We’re diving deeper into packing your lunch the night before. What are the options? How can you make them taste good?

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This Week’s Gift

We’d like to give you a link to our favorite go-to post for lunch-spiration (healthy lunch inspiration)

(click the image below to get these recipes)

30 healthy lunch recipes

Thank You

We appreciate you for all your hard work to eat healthy day in and day out, and for listening to The Health Beet. Take care and we’ll see you next week :)

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