Our best advice on staying healthy while traveling.


Hey friends!

Peter and I love to travel…well, who doesn’t? But when you’re vegan, gluten-free and really insist on eating organic, traveling gets a little more complicated. A lot more complicated if you’re going to the desert in the middle of nowhere, don’t do that!

In today’s show we spill the beans on how we travel nowadays… in style, with green juice:) And make sure you check out all the resources below & share your resources in the comment section!


  • What you need to do as soon as you find out you’re going on a trip
  • Questions we ask ourselves when planning a trip
  • Where to stay
  • How to fit in exercise
  • How to find healthy food options
  • Where to stay
  • What to pack


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Thanks so much for listening, it really means a lot to us:)

We’d love to hear any traveling resources you use to stay healthy? Also, don’t forget to get your travel credit from Airbnb, can’t wait to hear where you go first!

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