Isolation to Elevation Series (Part 1) - Make the change


Hi Friends!

This week’s podcast is Part 1 in a 3-Part series we’re doing on the journey ones goes through when switching to a healthier diet, whatever that diet may be. If you’ve switched your diet before, you know how hard and isolating it can be, and if you have not, then this show is going to be really helpful for you. We share our experience in this episode and recommend the steps you need to take to get started right away.

Hope you enjoy today’s show:)


Making the change, how does one change to a healthier diet?

Things we cover:

  • Research- what you should do before you change your diet
  • The importance of figuring out your WHY
  • Preparation- Avoid our mistakes
  • What you can expect when you change your diet
  • How to get started when first starting out


Food Matters (Documentary that helped us switch to a plant-based diet)

Crazy Sexy Diet (Kris Carr’s Book)

Thrive  (Brendan Brazier’s Book)

Choosing Raw (One of My Absolute Favorite Blogs)

Oh She Glows (Great Recipe Blog)

The Seasonal Diet (Our website)

Holy Cow! Life Without Cheese (Podcast Episode)

Blendtec Vs. Vitamix

How to Choose a Juicer

Our Private Facebook Group (Great for support)

Free Video Training :

How to Create & Maintain Healthy Habits


We really hope you liked this show, and if you did make, sure you come back on Monday, June 22nd for part two.

In the next show we cover how to make your new diet become a habit, what to do when you come up against resistance and all the positive things that we experienced when we found “Our Footing”.

That’s all on Monday. But in the mean time feel free to check out our video training, which ties in really well!

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