HB14 - 5 Healthy things to make when it’s late & you're tired


This week, on the pod, we talk about healthy food that can be made Quick… like a bunny!

Some nights we are so tired and the last thing we want to do is make dinner, but we feel too guilty eating fast food or going out, so we have 5 categories we like to rotate through on nights like those.  To get the exact recipes, check out the downloadable below!


5 Recipes we make when we’re short on time and want something fast and healthy:

  1. Salad & Fries (always sweet potato fries)
  2. Wraps (either collard wraps, or brown rice tortillas)
  3. Nachos (no cheese needed)
  4. The Grain Bowl
  5. Sweet Potato Macaroni & Cheese


How to make sweet potato fries (vintage S&P video)

Bitchin’ Sauce (the sauce we like to use in wraps)

So Good Caesar Dressing (great for wraps)

HB13: Holy Cow! Life without Cheese Episode

Chaco Canyon Cafe (they make the best grain bowl)


Get our favorite Healthy Recipe for each of the categories we mentioned above! 

(click the image below to download)


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But before you leave that review…:) What’s your go-to quick & easy healthy dinner?!

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