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This week’s show is really fun… You may already know, but Peter and I don’t eat cheese. We gave it up about 5 years ago, and still to this day, when we tell people they can’t believe it! Life without cheese?! Yep. It’s true, and it’s actually not that big of a deal. In today’s show we explain how we gave it up (Peter was the brave one to go first!) and what we eat nowadays instead of cheese.


  • We explain why we stopped eating cheese and what happened when we did.
  • Find out if cheese is causing your candida.
  • How to eat with friends and family who do eat cheese
  • How to order when eating out
  • Fake cheese


Crazy Sexy Diet– Kris Carr’s Book

Nutritional Yeast– Cheese flavor flakes

Daiya Cheese– Very Popular (not fans personally, but the mozzarella is okay)

Kite Hill– Love the cream cheese (made from almonds)

Hedi Ho– We haven’t tried these yet, made from veggies & chia seeds

Miyoko’s Kitchen– Very popular cashew cheeses

Teese Cheese– Our fav, junk food cheese

Napizza– Our new favorite pizza place in San Diego!

Macadamia Nut Cheese Pizza Recipe

How cheese is made


If you want to get yourself off cheese, be sure to check out This Guide on Getting Off Cheese.

You can do anything for 30-Days, and if it doesn’t do anything for you, no harm done, right?

For us, and many others who do this experiment, there is No Way we’d ever go back.

At least not without a note from our doctor (and that’s highly unlikely)!


Thanks for listening! If you’re struggling to give up cheese, make sure you get our downloadable on how to quit cheese in 30 days. And we’d love to hear from you…

What’s holding you back from giving up cheese? If you’ve already given it up, what’s your favorite cheese replacement?

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