HB10 Mobility: Why you should sit less & how to do it


Hey Friends,

This week’s show is all about the importance of mobility! About a year ago I  hurt my back really bad. I had no idea what it was from, and eventually I had to get x-rays as it was not improving. Turns out, I lost the curve in my lower back from… Sitting Too Much! I had no idea that sitting could affect my health so much, and for 2 weeks I couldn’t sit, stand or lay down without pain. As a very active and health-conscious person, you can imagine how debilitating this was for me!

Today we wanted to share my experience as well as what we’ve done to sit less. This show is very important to me because I really don’t want you to have to go through the pain I have felt this past year.  I hope you enjoy this show and take some of the information and apply it to your life.

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What’s this show all about?

  • Why sitting is so bad for your health
  • The 411 on my back injury: what really happened
  • All the treatments I tried: Massage, Acupuncture, Chiropractor, A.R.T…
  • How to change your work environment
  • How to ask your boss for a standing desk

Show Notes

What is acupuncture and how to use it

Talia – Sarah’s acupuncturist (if you live in San Diego, you gotta go!)

What happens when you sit too much – Washington Post (what Peter hung on his wall!)

ART – Active Release Techniques (more info)

Sheppard Spine & Sports Clinic– Where I’m currently going for ART in SD (ask for Cory if you go!)

VARIDESK– Moveable stand for your desk, up or down

The Level– Board to stand on while working (Indigo campaign)

Stability Ball– These are the balls we sit on when we do sit

Creative Stand-Up Desk Options

Feng Shui Post: How we re-designed our house

Earth Day Post– How can we consume less


(click image below to download)

DIY Stand Up Desk

The complete step-by-step guide to building a desk like we have in our house!

Thank You

Thanks for listening, and I really hope you found this show useful.

We would love to hear if you use a standing desk or where you struggle when it comes to sitting too much? At home or at work?

    2 replies to "HB10 Mobility: Why you should sit less & how to do it"

    • Dina Marie Anthony

      I have a call centre job but work from home. I have a magneTrainer (www.magneTrainer.com) under my desk so basically even though I am sitting I am really biking in a comfortable pace. Just wondering if this is a good alternative to standing? The magna trainer is best used for adustable height desks. The company also sell a newer version called a desk rider for regular height desks say at a work location. Also very important to get a good adjustable chair the you can adjust on many levels to support the back and prevent slouching.

      • Peter

        Wow, Dina, that little trainer is pretty dang cool!

        I’ve never used one but seems like a great way to keep blood flow and activity in your legs. I don’t see any harm in using that when sitting down (although as a guy I would struggle big time multi-tasking with that) but would also recommend standing up and moving around at least every 30 minutes so your spine can realign.

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