We have a great show for you today, it’s all about positivity and the things we do to stay more on the happy side of life. Although, we do touch on an all-time low I experienced last year, and am still working through. If you have been feeling down, or need some ideas for what to do next time you find yourself a little under the weather, then you are going to like this show a lot.

What’s this episode all about you ask?

The best things to lift your spirits up, when feeling down, such as:

  • Exercise, what types and how often
  • The importance of getting your mind off your problems
  • The importance of spending time with your friends
  • Avoiding “Debbie Downers”
  • Sunshine
  • Motivational Videos (Marie Forleo, Gary Vee & Ted Talks)
  • Eating Well
  • Tapping & Meditation

Show Notes

4 things Peter is loving: Pinterest, The Miracle Morning, warmer weather, kayak training plan (see below!).

Kayak Training Moves:

Shoulder press
Bench press
Pull ups
Core exercises
Shoulder flexibility

4 things I’m loving: More daylight, daikon radish, Pinterest-ing, Instagram, Hot Yoga in the AM


Inspirational Books: The Miracle Morning, The War of Art

Energy Light

The Tapping Solution

How to Tap


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