HB07: The Benefits of Eating Seasonal Produce


If you’ve been curious about seasonal produce, shopping at the farmers market or just don’t get the appeal… then this, my friend, is the episode for you. We get really excited about seasonal produce and eating the way mother nature intended us to. We also share a fun story I like to call ‘The case of the Seattle Coconuts!’ Hope you like it, and make sure you get our downloadable (Let’s Eat Seasonal!) below.

What’s this episode all about you ask?

  • The Benefits of Seasonal Produce
    • Nutrients
    • Diversity
    • Environment
    • Cost
  • Why shop at the farmers market
  • Why some stuff is more expensive there
  • What’s the deal with Costco lettuce

Show Notes

CSA: Stands for Community Supported Agriculture. It’s a way to get a variety of local produce from a local farm(s). Check out the links below for more information!

Things to Think About Before Joining a CSA Program

San Diego CSA Programs

Find a Farmers Market in your Area

Find a CSA outside of San Diego

What’s with the Wax on Apples?

Free Downloadable

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Lets Eat Seasonal Cover

Let’s Eat Seasonal Includes…

  • Recipe Favorites!
    • FALL: Apple Pie Cups
    • WINTER: Gorgeous Green Hemp Salad
    • SPRING: Sunny Spring Rolls
    • SUMMER: Crispy Chicken-less Burgers
  • Seasonal Produce Chart (what’s growing right now?)
  • What We Eat in a Week

Thank You

Thank you so much for listening and please let us know if you eat seasonally and any struggles you face! We love to talk about seasonal produce and farmers markets, so please share your experiences and stories below!

    3 replies to "HB07 Winning: The benefits of eating seasonal produce"

    • Christine

      I am frustrated by Costco! If I drive down to Carmel Mtn or Poway I can find a variety of organic produce, but if I shop at the more convenient San Marcos (I’ve checked Vista, too) there is next to none. :-(
      when I can find organic blueberries at Costco I’m a very happy girl.

      • Peter

        Christine – We feel your pain!

        My bother has worked at Costco for the last 15 years, and he always likes to remind me that they intentionally don’t keep everything in stock all the time so you don’t rely on it. Sounds weird, but that business model must be doing something right ;)

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