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In this episode we get to gush about some of the healthy peeps we follow, and their healthy habits. We talk about things like juicing, meditation, sleep and a few others. We talk about the benefits of these habits, why they are important and how we fit them into our daily routine. We didn’t always do all of these things, but once we started with one we couldn’t stop – now we do all 8 every single day. I hope these tips help you create some new healthy habits, and encourage you to pick up a habit you might have had in the past, but let go of:)

What’s this episode all about, you ask?

  • Learn Healthy habits of extremely health conscious people like: Deepak Chopra, Marie Forleo, Brendan Brazier, Kris Carr, Pat Flynn and a few others
  • Find out how you can incorporate these habits into your life
  • We share our top picks, if we could only have one

Show Notes

Mind Body Green – Benefits of lemon water in the morning

Decoding Deepak – Documentary On Deepak Chopra

Thrive – Written by Brendan Brazier (book that convinced Peter to go vegan)

Juicer we recommend

Fizzle – online community we belong to

The Seasonal Diet’s Guide to Meditation

Episode 5 Giveaway

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3 – A copy of The Miracle Morning

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Simply leave us an honest review of our podcast in iTunes by May 9th, 2015 and we’ll randomly pick one winner by the 14th.

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Thank you so much for listening and leaving a review for our podcast! These reviews really help our ranking in iTunes and allow other people to find out about the show.  We hope you incorporate some of the healthy habits we mentioned in today’s show, and we’d love to hear what habits you currently follow or which ones you plan on incorporating.

Leave a comment below and let us know.

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    5 replies to "HB05 Wellbeing: Daily rituals of extremely healthy peeps"

    • ChristineRideout

      8006! Yes! That’s the numbers on the juicer. LOL
      All great tips. I love the links you guys share. I put the book on my Amazon wish list for when I catch up on the ones I have stacked up now. :)
      Keep ’em coming! When does the next episode drop?

      • sarah

        Thank’s Christine:) Great book, so get reading. New show, every Thursday!

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    • rose m.

      such useful tips! i’m currently working on “sleep”. i wanted to make a comment about what you had said about people working out more now vs. many years ago. i think also what has changed is the food portions that people eat. we’re eating so much more! and then combined of course with moving so much less. i also wanted to share a beautiful photography book called “the hungry planet”. it is so interesting to see the corrolation between food, diet, and disease across the world.

    • […] you so very much.  We picked a winner last week to win our Epic Healthy Giveaway mentioned in Episode 5.  We used a random number generator and it picked #3 Stacey Bryant, who also happens to be a close […]

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