Hello Future Runners!

If you’ve been wanting to get into running, this episode is for you. We help you get past the uncomfortable feeling that all new runners get. Peter and I have been running for about 5 years now, and it’s our exercise of choice.  The great thing about running is you can do it anywhere and don’t need much equipment to get started. You can really hear our passion for running in this episode,  so if you’ve written running off as something not for you, I encourage you to give this show a listen. You might just find yourself craving a run around the block:)

What’s this show about, you ask?

  • We share our Running Stories, how we got started with running
  • What to Eat before & after a run
  • The importance of Sleep
  • The 411 on Hydration
  • When the best time to eat Protein is
  • What you should Wear while running
  • Running in relation to your PH & Stress

Show Notes

Road Runner Sports – Our Awesome Sponsor

Adventure Run – Free Thursday Fun Run, put on by Road Runner Sports

Ragnar Relay – Super fun Relay race we’ve done a few times

The Miracle Morning – Book I mentioned about sleep

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    4 replies to "HB04 Persistence: How to run without the feeling of dying"

    • Darin

      Loving all the podcasts! Question, it wasn’t in this podcast, but an earlier one, Peter mentioned running with a headlamp at night. I often want to jog in the wee hours of the morning, like around 5:00 a.m., but the path I like is too dark. Just wondering about the headlamp, did you like it, which one, and other advice on it. Thanks!

      • Peter

        Oh Darin,

        I can just TELL you’re going to like running in the dark! Okay that probably sounds weird but it’s actually really fun.

        I prefer this Energizer headlamp: http://amzn.to/1H9Lf3N (I actually got mine at Home Depot)

        I like this one because it’s adjustable and you can angle it down based on how tall you are or if you’re wearing a hat. It’s also waterproof, super affordable and the batteries last a long time in it.

        Hope this helps!

    • ChristineRideout

      Um, yeah..NO. Not gonna lie..I ain’t running. (there are multiple reasons that the interwebz don’t need to know! Ha!
      But I listened to this one in the car with my 12 year old daughter who must run in PE class. Last week they were required to run 6 minutes nonstop, no walking. She is pretty darn fit (a 7th degree jr black belt!) but hates running. She said it hurts her knees, she gets side aches, and when she is done her throat and chest hurt. Her teacher told her how to slow her breathing, which helped the side stitches, but not the rest. She hates running! She was talking back to you while we listened. She even asked if you actually run the whole 6 miles or do you jog a bit along the way. She was incredulous that anyone would run without being forced. haha. I don’t know that she’ll ever “get it” but if she doesn’t, I know that there are plenty of other ways that she can attain fitness. She blows the rest of the kids away with her sit-ups, btw… 57 per minute!
      So, you know she’s my picky vegan eater…now you also know she’s picky about her exercise, too!

      • sarah

        HAHA, running is not for everyone! However we really enjoy it:) We run the entire way, unless we see something or are running to the beach, if that’s the case we will stop and take it in for a few minutes.

        A lot of people hate running but want to get into it, this episode is more for them:) We should have shared our turbo runs…she would have really like that;) Maybe another time!

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