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This week, Peter and I want to help you kick gluten for good!

As you may already know, gluten is linked to so many health issues. Even in those who do not have Celiac’s Disease, or a sensitivity to it, can suffer from things like: inflammation, bloating, discomfort, increased weight and brain disorders.

If you’re thinking about going gluten-free or already are but still struggle when it comes following a GF diet 24/7, then you’re really going to like this episode.

What’s this episode all about, you ask?

  • How to Cook/Bake Gluten-Free
  • How to Be Polite but Stick to your GF Ways when a Guest at Someone Else’s Home
  • What to Order when Eating Out
  • Our Favorite GF Products/Brands

Show Notes

Bobs Red Mill – Our awesome sponsor

Food For Life – Gluten Free English Muffins

Star of Anise – Brown Rice wraps

Ancient Harvest Quinoa – Quinoa Pasta

Tolerant Foods – Grain Free Pasta

TasteSpotting – Recipe database from bloggers

Our Favorite GF Flours: Brown Rice Flour, Buckwheat flour, Garbanzo Bean Flour, Almond Flour.

Bobs Gluten free Blend – option for those new to gluten free flours

Grain Free Chocolate Peanut Butter Dessert Recipe – Made with almond flour

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If you have any questions about going GF like it’s NBD (No big deal) please leave a comment below and let us know.

    7 replies to "HB03 Confidence: How to replace gluten like it’s nbd"

    • Darin

      “A kick in the glutenus-maximus!!!” Ha ha…that Peter is funny! :) You guys have the best advice. I have so wanted to give GF a try to see if I notice a difference. Which is a good question for you two…what were the biggest changes you noticed once going GF?

      • Peter


        You should DEFINITELY give it a try. I really can feel the difference when going back the other direction, although while you’re weening yourself off you don’t notice the improvement as much. Not sure why we can’t notice when we’re getting healthier, maybe because it’s more gradual than relapsing.

        I would go at least a couple weeks, ideally 30 days before reincorporating – that’s when you’ll REALLY know.

      • sarah

        Hi Darin!
        I’m glad you found this helpful, I agree with Peter give it a try and see how you feel. As for the hardest part…it was cutting out the bread. And there are a lot of gf breads but it’s not about replacing one type of bread for another, because bread is not the healthiest thing to be consuming in the first place.

        I never realized how much bread I was eating, and replacing it meant spending more time cooking to fill that meal with more whole foods. For example, I would take Almond Butter and Jam Sandwiches to work and I replaced that with salads & grain bowls, both of which take more time. So at first that was a struggle but totally do-able. Hope that helps, and let us know if we can help you!

    • ChristineRideout

      I definitely feel a difference when I eat too much gluten (and sugar) but I disagree that it’s easy to eat out as a gluten-free VEGAN.
      Unless all you want is a plain salad! I often find myself while traveling in a restaurant that has absolutely nothing to choose from. If I am local, I know where to go to find something we can “legally” eat (Chipotle, Souplantation, but not much else). Almost every dish contains dairy and or meat in almost every restaurant. It’s a sad commentary on our society IMO.
      At home? Easy-peasy! Traveling? not so much… And this is why I get busted by the TSA for having cucumbers in my carry on! LOL!

      • sarah

        It does depend on where you are traveling but I gotta say…The west coast is pretty easy!

        And you gotta ask for it, because a lot of time it’s not listed. We are pretty picky about the places we go, and I am known to call ahead, check out the menu and yelp before agreeing to a dinning experience.

    • rose malihan

      loved this episode! i recently also just found those brown rice wraps (for asian rolls, not the food for life ones that you guys mentioned) at jimbo’s and need to use them soon. thank you for all the knowledge you two share. so inspiring!

    • […] 2. You’re vegans AND gluten-free, how do you manage to eat like this on a daily basis? Would you say it’s difficult?  It’s a lot easier than when we started on this journey 5+ years ago. Once you get the hang of it, it’s not so bad. Our best advice would be to create a routine, plan ahead and do your research. We did a podcast that’s really helpful for eating out and being gluten-free. Here’s a link to it: How to Replace Gluten Like It’s NBD. […]

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