We are kicking off our new Podcast, The Health Beet, with a fun episode on Juicing! If you’ve been following us for awhile, you know we drink green juice every single day and haven’t missed one in years!

In this episode, we hope to encourage you to become more consistent with your juicing routine as we think you’ll benefit profusely from picking up this habit!

What’s this episode all about you ask?

  • How to Make Time for Juicing on a Daily Basis
  • How to Afford it
  • WHY you Should Juice and do it often
  • How we Fit Juicing into our Everyday Routine
  • The Only Multi-Vitamin we Recommend

Notes from the Show

Suja Juice

Suja Power Greens (the juice we bring on our camping trips)

Our Recommended Juicers

Top 5 Juice Recipe Bundle

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Thanks Friends!

We hope you enjoyed this episode, it was the first one and we promise it’s only going to get better from here:)

If you have any questions about this episode or if you have requests for future podcasts, please leave us a comment below and let us know!

    5 replies to "HB01 Consistency: How to juice on a regular basis"

    • Darin Cordell

      Absolutely great first episode! I have wanted to start juicing so many times and it’s like you guys just ran through my list of concerns…Time to rethink juicing! On to the next one! :)

      • Peter Hagstrom

        Thanks Darin!

        When the time comes for you to start juicing… I trust you’ll know it. And, knowing you, you’ll also stick with it:)

    • Christine

      Great first episode!
      I need to juice more consistently.
      You guys know one of my mottos as a coach, right? It’s NO EXCUSES. ;-)

      • Peter Hagstrom

        Hi Christine,

        We’ve got the perfect solution coming in the next couple weeks, just you wait! Your excuses will be gone so fast you’ll hardly believe it!

    • Jess

      I love blending & juicing! An organic CSA is a must and JR Organics is my favorite.

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