Are you ready to stop struggling?

Are you ready to find ease in your diet?

Are you ready to lose weight, feel energized, and get healthy once and for all?

If you answered "Yes" to any of those questions then you're in the right spot.

We've offered many courses, programs & books over the years, but none are as effective as working directly with us.

Diet is as personal as it is individual. We're all a little different, and what works for most of our clients might not work for you.

This is where we can help.

We'll get you on the right path to healthy eating success, typically between 1-3 months.

This Process Includes...

  • Identifying where you're struggling with your diet
  • Helping you get a clear vision of how you want to feel
  • Creating a detailed plan of action
  • Supporting & helping you follow your plan until you've reached your goal
  • Making adjustments along the way, as needed

You're already unique & perfect. Let us help you discover the right diet that helps you actually feel that way.

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Common Questions

  • q-iconWho will be my coach?

    Ladies: Sarah will be your coach, but Peter will help weigh-in on creating your action plan.
    Guys: Peter will be your coach, but Sarah will help weigh-in on creating your action plan.
    Couples: Sarah & Peter will work with you two together.
  • q-iconHow much does it cost?

    While it varies, the average is between $500 – $1,500 for 1 to 3 months of coaching. But you may prefer to get more/less help.

    We’re both involved in creating your action plan, and focus 100% of our attention on you during our sessions.

    Our direct assistance is more effective than group coaching, and you may see results 5x faster.

Kind Words From Our Clients

I just wanted to send you a heartfelt thank you! Although we were in a very famous hamburger joint yesterday (Walburghers) and everyone around me ordered hamburgers, fries, onion rings and beer, I was still very content with my green salad and I didn't feel bloated or have a heavy carb crash afterwards. So much so, my son was surprised that I was still awake, singing in the car on our way home, even though it was 11:30 pm! I owe it all to both you and Peter.You guys have been a huge encouragement in this journey and I feel very blessed to have gotten to know you both. Thank you again for giving me the tools and encouragement to change my family's and my life for the better. I realized yesterday that I really could do this. So thank you very much. ~ Gigi


Working with Sarah was so easy and painless!! I knew what I should be eating, could prep ahead, and she gave me tips for moving forward. Plus, I enjoyed the self-care part where we were making face masks, dry brushing, oil pulling, etc. ~ Nita


I did an Advance cleanse with Sarah a month ago and iIt was honestly the best cleanse ever, because it was so easy and doable even when you are busy and cooking different meals for the family. I lost 5 pounds in 7 days, and my skin (itching) disappeared for that time. I had energy all day long with no typical afternoon energy drops and best of all I slept like a baby the entire time:) No waking in the middle of the night, wow! And I even got over my fear of juicing. I always thought it was too much work, but learned that it is so worth it. All the recipes were original, yummy, and simple! It was awesome to get daily inspirational live videos and check ins with Sarah, who shared a wealth of information. ~ Claudia


I loved working with Sarah and Peter, they made healthy eating so easy and enjoyable. I started feeling a lot better almost instantly. I followed the plan for the month and did everything they said - at the end I weighed myself and ended up losing 10 pounds!! Thank you Sarah and Peter for making it so simple. ~ Andrea

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