Consistently Plan, Shop & Cook Healthier Meals... with EASE!

Learn the basics we've been using for the past 8 years to plan healthier meals in less time.

Once you learn this, you'll be able to do it without even thinking, and finally be able to restore your energy.

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Tell Us The Truth, Have You Ever...

  • Planned out a bunch of healthy meals, only to find yourself too tired to execute them?
  • Tried to go vegan, only to feel overwhelmed with what to cook & where to buy some of the ingredients?
  • Struggled to figure out what to plan and cook for 1 person? Or maybe you're on the opposite end, trying to feed your whole family?
  • Tried to get into juicing, only to realize you can't find the time or energy to stick with it?

The Good New Is - We've been there, and there is an easier way to meal plan - one that allows you to save time, and eat meals you actually get excited about making!

And it's going to change your life!

How do you feel about this...

- Learning how to plan meals for the weeks when you're extremely short on time?

- Not having to choose between quick or healthy. You can be busy AND eat well... How awesome, right?

- Or how about actually cutting down your food costs? Yep, we can show you how to save money on healthy food, like produce and superfoods.

- Would you like help keeping vegetables fresh, and waste less food?

There's nothing worse than buying organic veggies, only to have them go bad before you can even get to them… Amirite?

If you want to get healthy, feel energized, and become a more consistent planner, let us help you.

If you're ready for some help in the meal planning department, then you need The Consistent Meal Planner’s Kit.

This is our 4-Part Course that will transform you into a consistent meal planner & executor (not just planning, but actually sticking with the plan).

Let’s breakdown the 4 parts...

Part I (Mindset)

How to improve your mindset around meal planning. This is extremely important when it comes to feeling inspired about your meals, as this is what will help you stick with it long term.

In this section, you'll also learn:

- How to identify if you have any blocks around meal planning

- Why the "one size fits all" approach doesn't work

- Our top 3 mindset books for meal planning

Part II (Time Management)

Learn how to save time when it comes to planning, shopping, and cooking.

In this section, you'll also learn:

- The best meals to make when you're short on time

- How to use your time wisely, when you don't have much

- The best tool for creating more time in your schedule

Part III (Meal Planning 101)

This where you'll start creating your own meal plan.

In this section, you'll also learn:

- How to identify obstacles in your schedule (and what to do about them)

- How to make a shopping list you'll actually use

- Our 3-Day Meal Plan Template (to help you stay organized!)

Part IV (Maximize Your Produce)

And lastly, learn how to make the most of your produce and waste less in our 5-part video series.

In this section, you'll also learn:

- How to store your produce properly

- How to buy the best produce for optimal nutrition

- How to add more vegetables to your diet

FYI - this is delivered in small bite-size sections (spaced 4 days apart), so you don't get overwhelmed.

The Consistent Meal Planner’s Kit is a combination of short videos, articles, printables & exercises - all easy to access/implement.

Once you have this course, it’s yours, and doesn't expire.

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We changed our diets over 7 years ago. We went from a SAD diet, to one made up of all fresh, whole foods, which meant a LOT more cooking than we were used to.

If we didn't master meal planning, there is no way we'd be as healthy as we are today.

Meal planning keeps us feeling healthy, energized, and eating foods that make us feel our best.

However, so many of our clients were struggling with meal planning - making it too complicated, or planning too far in advance and not sticking with it.

Once we taught them our methods, they've been able to stick with their healthy lifestyles.

Some have lost weight (30+ pounds), learned to relax, and discover how to plan, cook, and shop in less time.

These are busy men and women, some with families (5+ kids), some with intense careers (Nurses working 50+ hour weeks).

If they can do it, so can you!

That’s why we created this course. We want to show you how easy meal planning can be.

And, how it can be the tool that allows you to be consistent.



We sure hope so, we're excited to show you exactly how to plan healthy meals and stick with it.

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"I am teachable!  My spouse and I cooked together. I learned you need to massage kale (thanks, Sarah!) And I even made my lunch for tomorrow already! What?!?!?!?!"  ~ Sharon O

"I made dinner for the first time tonight in over a month. So bad. I made quinoa with liquid aminos (per the call tonight), asparagus sautéed in minced garlic, evoo & lemon juice...Pretty awesome. Thanks for all the inspiration guys!"  ~ Robyn D

"I told my mom a little about the mastermind group and challenges and how this has been the best group I've had the privilege to join (amazing ppl) and how awesome you and Peter are too."  ~ Sue M

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