Gratitude SaladYesterday I bit my lip while eating a bowl of salad. Yes, I know. It’s sad and embarrassing.

…but you’ll be happy to know I’m putting my lesson to good use today in exploring what eating consciously really means and how amazing it can be.

Conscious Eating

What is that anyway? It seems too simple, like, we’re already doing it or something.

We are. But not always…

Like… plantain chips while driving

Or… eating a bowl of salad at the computer in a rush (like I was)

salad for lunch

While it’s true that we are all consciously making decisions on what to eat and how to eat it, we are also unconsciously making these types of decisions as well. This includes everyone across the spectrum, no matter how healthy you think you are, there is always room for improvement; a higher awareness of choice-making if you will.

Yesterday I caught myself eating fast and distracted, so today I’m sharing how I like to reconnect with my food.

There’s no right or wrong way to do this, but one great way to raise your awareness is to…

Make a Juicy Salad Tonight

Balsamic Tahini SaladMake it with lettuce, carrots, cucumber, tomato, sprouts, etc. Then put some cubed & baked sweet potato on top. Whip up some homemade honey mustard or tahini dressing. Sit down quietly at a table, with no distractions, and focus on what you’re grateful for with each bite…

What you’re doing here is building a connection between your mind and your body. Your mind is perceiving healthy food being eaten and positive emotions are being produced. May sound weird, but it’s true!

…As you feel your energy level start to rise, begin to think about each of the ingredients you’re chewing.

Take the lettuce for example:

  • What is it? It’s water; fiber; vitamins; minerals; enzymes.
  • Where did it come from? The earth; a seed planted in Valley Center last month; a farmer; the local farmers market.
  • What does it taste like, and why is this good? It tastes watery with a touch of bitterness; this is good because it gives the meal balance; it contrasts the sweetness of the potatoes; it complements the savory dressing.

By this point, it’s hard not to be completely in love with your meal choice. You’re probably thinking…


“Why should our food standards stop at taste when you can have food that tastes great, is easy to make and provides real energy that doesn’t leave you hanging for a redbull or cup of joe for it?”


When I cook, I think about how good that meal is going to make me feel. When I clean dishes, I think about how energized I became from it. When I shop, well, you get the idea.

You really can train your brain to love healthy food.

Try it for yourself and let us know how it goes!

What’s your secret to eating consciously? Does focusing on your food make it taste better? Does your mood improve?

(Is this just a bunch of junk?)

We’d like to know :)

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