sugar at parties

There’s no doubt about it – sugar is a celebratory food. Cake, sweet cocktails, candy dishes and desserts.

For the sake of this article, let’s just say the main course is fine. You’re cool with it and there isn’t any marshmallows in the fruit salad.

Now, for dessert, there’s a couple options here…

  1. Eat Less Sugar
  2. Eat None

Option #1 – Eat Less Sugar

Okay, so we’re trying to reduce how much we eat, but not cut it out completely. There’s 2 routes you can take…

Route A – Eat Less Quantity

This is a tricky one since you probably don’t know how much sugar was used. If it’s store bought and conventional, have a 1/2 serving. Just assume there’s a bunch of sweetener in there and that the manufacturer threw caution with the wind. This would be 1/2 a cookie, 1/2 a piece of cake, etc. If you know who made it, and like their standards when it comes to sugar, maybe have a whole serving. More power to ya if you go Route B here and bring your own, or even Option #2 and go sugar-free all the way home (which deserves major props, so please post this success in our ELS Group to receive your well-deserved high fives)

Route B – Eat a Different Dessert

Bring your own to contribute and offer to the rest, or bring your own personal. Usually less awkward feeling if you have enough to share, although sometimes it works out perfectly fine.

Option #2 – No Sugar, Period

Maybe this means none at the party, but dessert when you get home, or even none at home. If you need a distraction to keep you away from the sweets at the party, here are a few ideas

  • Instead of booze, we recommend making a mocktail (alcohol is metabolized as empty sugar calories instantly)
  • Distract your cravings for dessert with a tea (BYOT)
  • Squeeze a lemon from the fridge into your glass or water bottle
  • Continue to snack – keep a little plate of veggies like carrots or celery within arms reach

Finally – Don’t Forget to Tell People What You’re Doing!

Some might get weird and defensive about it, but you’d be surprised how many people will give ‘more power to ya’ for holding out on the sweets.

The sugar topic is strange like that, everyone knows its bad for them, yet they continue to consume it anyways.

What did we miss? Do you have any favorite secrets to dodging sweet situations? Head over to The ELS Group to post your thoughts.

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    • itsolivialane

      Oh parties are so hard! I consider eating half as eating only 1 slice of cake! These are good tips I will keep in mind next time I go to a party, esp the tea tip. I love sipping tea.

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